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Why Do Increasingly More People Regulate Blocked Fallopian Tubes with TCM?

Many people immediately think of western medicine or surgery when treating fallopian tube blockage. But fertility experts tell people that TCM has helped many patients achieve satisfactory results as a time-honored traditional science. 

Compared with western medicine, TCM is taken from nature, has few toxic side effects, and is accepted by patients easily. With the development of modern medicine, the combination of western medicine and TCM makes the treatment of diseases take a step forward, often obtaining satisfactory results. As a common disease in women, blocked fallopian tubes can be regulated by TCM.
Fallopian tube blockage is mainly due to a variety of pathogen infections, inflammation, or surgical operations (abortion, fallopian tube fluid, appendix surgery, etc.) and other factors, which may cause damage to the normal structure and function of the fallopian tube, eventually leading to fallopian tube adhesion, stenosis or blockage. 
Many patients suffer from fallopian tube blockage because of fallopian tube congenital abnormal development or lesions, polyps, and other conditions. The disease is one of the leading causes of female infertility. Patients with fallopian tube blockage generally do not have typical symptoms. This disease is usually found at the time of infertility diagnosis. If the cause of fallopian tube blockage is not eliminated, symptoms such as lower abdominal pain and increased vaginal discharge may occur.
More and more people choose TCM to regulate fallopian tube blockage because they pay increasing attention to health regulation. TCM is generally boiled and given to patients in decoction and can also be processed and ground into flour, dissolved medicines, or powder. TCM comes from plants, animals, and minerals. Western medicine includes organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, and biological products. The most obvious difference is that TCM is natural, while western medicine is synthetic from chemicals. 
TCM is mainly used to restore the imbalance between the human body and the environment or the various organs of the human body, focusing on the comprehensive conditioning and recovery of the body. TCM has few side effects and can cure a wide range of diseases. It needs a particular course of treatment and is relatively mild. 
Western medicine has more side effects. Though it can bring faster results, the condition is prone to rebound and relapse. Therefore, if patients want to reduce the damage to the body, they will choose TCM to control fallopian tube blockage.
Although the surgical treatment of fallopian tube blockage has made significant progress, its potential harm remains since the doctors have to operate on the body. Patients are naturally willing to choose TCM for conditioning the body when the symptoms are mild, or the doctors do not recommend surgical treatment.
Whether TCM can effectively regulate fallopian tube blockage depends on the patient's specific situation.
Suppose the patient's fallopian tube is not smooth and the inflammation is not severe. In that case, the patient should know the exact condition of the disease and give proper herbal medication to eliminate inflammation and dredge the fallopian tube. 
Patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. Its main effects include clearing heat, detoxifying the body, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, activating blood, and removing blood stasis. It can effectively help dredge the fallopian tube and restore its function as soon as possible, without toxic or side effects on the body.
But these two kinds of inflammation are severe if the fallopian tube is blocked or wholly blocked. There may even be various scars on the inner wall of the fallopian tube. In this case, the effect of TCM is little. Patients should use the salpingography as soon as possible to observe the location and severity of fallopian tube blockage. Besides, patients may even have to do a wire-guided tubal recanalization under a hysteroscope combined with a laparoscope to treat fallopian tube blockage.
In short, patients with fallopian tube blockage can choose western medicine and surgical treatment and use TCM for conditioning. The best treatment should be chosen according to the actual situation of the patients.
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