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Is Conception Difficult with Fallopian Tube Blockage? How to Make a Self-Rated Check?

Many factors can affect the structure and function of the fallopian tubes and subsequently cause infertility. The fallopian tubes play an essential role for women, as they help women produce healthy and normal eggs, allowing them to achieve fertility. 

In addition to having normal sperm and eggs and a proper intrauterine environment, it is an integral part of the conception process. It allows the sperm and eggs to meet and transport to the uterine cavity. The fallopian tubes perform this task. There are several degrees of tubal blockage, women with mild blockages can conceive normally, but women whose fallopian tubes have fluid or are entirely blocked can hardly conceive.
Some women are attentive and careful and can quickly pay attention to abnormal conditions in their bodies. Especially in the preparation stage of pregnancy, they tend to be more sensitive to their bodies. When women notice some physical symptoms in daily life indicating a possible fallopian tube blockage, they can make a self-rated body check before going to the hospital for further examination.
So, how do women check themselves to see if their fallopian tubes are blocked?
1. Preparation for pregnancy for more than one year
A blockage can form when germs attack a woman's fallopian tubes, leading to infertility. Suppose a woman has been preparing for pregnancy for more than a year and has not conceived successfully. In that case, she should consider whether something is wrong with her body, and one possible cause is fallopian tube blockage.
2. Menstrual pain
Due to pelvic congestion causing stasis dysmenorrhea, most women experience pain that starts about a week before their period and gets worse the closer they get to their period until it arrives. The doctor says menstrual pain may be a signal for fallopian tube blockage.
3. Frequent abdominal discomfort
When a woman is troubled by tubal blockage, she will experience varying degrees of pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen, most of which are hidden symptoms. These symptoms are soreness, swelling, and a feeling of falling in the lower back and lumbosacral region, which may be more severe after exertion.
4. Menstrual irregularities
Typically, diseases in the fallopian tubes do not affect the function of the ovaries or the amount of menstruation. Still, if the inflammation at the fallopian tubes reaches the ovaries and damages the role of the ovaries, abnormal menstruation may occur.
5. Other symptoms
Symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, painful intercourse, gastrointestinal abnormalities, general weakness, and depression, which may affect everyday life and regular work in severe cases, may also be a signal from blocked fallopian tubes in women.
Various pathogenic infections mainly cause fallopian tubal blockage. Multiple pathogens damage the fallopian tubes' epithelial tissues, causing inflammation and leading to tubal adhesions, luminal narrowing, and backup. In case of fallopian tubal blockage, women can also take the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. It can effectively clear heat, detoxify the body, kill bacteria, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It can help unblock the fallopian tubes and restore their function as soon as possible without toxic or side effects on the body.
Although tubal blockage is relatively common in women, its occurrence does not necessarily mean a woman cannot conceive naturally. So women should not be too nervous when they find the signs of fallopian tube blockage; instead, they can go to a regular hospital and take the proper treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor. After all, modern technology has advanced, and there are many efficient ways to promote pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to relax so that it is the best attitude for women to welcome their babies.
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