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Can I Only Remove Fallopian Tubes with Hydrosalpinx? TCM Helps Get Pregnant!

Hydrosalpinx is a kind of female disease. It can cause a complete blockage of the internal channels in the fallopian tubes after the formation of hydrosalpinx, and this blockage will cause the eggs not to be transported out smoothly, so it is easy to cause pregnancy disorders. In severe cases, it may even rupture after long-term stimulation of the tissues in the tube. Therefore, it is important to cure hydrosalpinx in a timely manner. It is not necessary to remove the disease by surgery. How to deal with the disease depends on its severity. In this process, TCM is a good choice.

Hydrosalpinx is a relatively common gynecological condition, also known as fluids in the fallopian tube. It is a condition in which the fallopian tubes are encased in watery fluid caused by a variety of factors. Hydrosalpinx develops mainly from tubal inflammation. Many factors, such as childbirth, Induced abortion, poor sexual hygiene, inflammation after gynecological surgery or inflammatory waves in surrounding organs, fallopian tube pregnancy, endometriosis and other diseases can all cause inflammatory signs including fallopian tubal congestion, edema, tubal adhesions, etc. Therefore, patients should treat the inflammation of the fallopian tubes if they want to cure hydrosalpinx.
The treatment of tubal inflammation depends on the specific conditions of the inflammation in the patients’ bodies. It is not recommended to take measures on their own to relieve the symptoms when hydrosalpinx occurs. Once found, the patients should consult a doctor promptly to find out the cause and carry out relevant treatment under the guidance of a professional to avoid delaying the condition.
The current clinical treatment for this disease mainly includes medication and surgery.
Surgery may bring more traumatic sequelae, and medication is mostly suitable for mild cases. Therefore, for women who want to have children, it is a good choice to choose TCM. 
TCM can practically be done in the interests of the patients and has the advantages of no surgery, low cost, little pain and fast recovery. Due to the comprehensive regulating function of TCM, it can make greater improvement in the function of the fallopian tube and its surrounding organs and circumferential system, and promote the extra-fallopian circulation. It can improve both the local symptoms and the general condition of the patients. If the inflammation of the fallopian tubes is eliminated, women are more likely to have a successful pregnancy. 
Fuyan Pill in Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic has the above effects. It can eliminate gynecological tissue lesions, unblock fallopian tubes, eliminate pain, etc. It is a good treatment for women's gynecological inflammation and diseases.
Patients with severe conditions need surgical treatment, which can help them achieve better results. Women should be careful about the choice of surgical treatment. It is not necessary to have a tubal resection when there is hydrosalpinx. For women with fertility requirements, the surgical procedure can be decided according to the condition of the fallopian tubes, such as a tubal anastomosis, tubal ostomy, adhesiolysis and other minimally invasive procedures for puncture treatment, thus allowing the fluids in the fallopian tubes to drain out of the body. With surgical treatment, most patients can restore the ability to conceive naturally, but it may also increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.
In general, doctors do not recommend tubectomy as a last resort because removing the fallopian tubes not only hurts the body's vitality, but may damage the blood supply to the ovaries due to improper operation and other artificial reasons, thus affecting the function of the ovaries. At the same time, this disease can easily cause blockage of the fallopian tubes, which can easily lead to complications at a later stage of development. Patients should make decisions carefully according to the doctor's diagnosis.
Therefore, whether the fallopian tubes should be removed varies from person to person and cannot be generalized! For patients who find out they have the disease in the early stages, if they can stabilize their condition with medication and show signs of gradual improvement, they usually do not need to have their tubes removed and can try to keep them first. 
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