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Can Fallopian Tubes be Re-blocked after Surgical Treatment?

The fallopian tubes are a part of the female internal reproductive organs, a pair of long, thin, curved, muscular tubes located on either side of the uterus. The patency of the fallopian tubes is essential for a woman to conceive. If the fallopian tubes are wholly or partially blocked due to various factors such as congenital malformation, inflammatory infection, injury, pelvic adhesions, etc., sperm and eggs cannot meet, leading to female infertility. 

Fallopian tube blockage is one of the most important causes of female infertility. For this reason, many women seek medical help and even resort to surgery to treat tubal obstruction. However, They are still concerned that the blockage will return after surgery. It is impossible to generalize whether this surgery will cause a re-blockage of the fallopian tubes. There are uncertainties in the woman's physique, the doctor's operation, and the postoperative care.
Many women with blocked fallopian tubes present with symptoms of genital tract infection, such as abdominal pain, increased guided discharge, thickening of the adnexal area, or formation of a mass. Women are mostly found during infertility visits. The treatment of tubal blockage depends on the severity of the disease. 
A few women with mild symptoms can take oral or injection antibiotics, ultrashort wave physiotherapy, etc. But most women may need to clear the fallopian tubes through tubal fluid or even combined laparoscopic surgery to achieve satisfactory results. Although the surgery is now mostly minimally invasive, it still creates incisions in the body, causing pain and the possibility of reinfection.
Women with fallopian tube blockage may find their fallopian tubes blocked again if the inflammation is not well controlled after they receive the operation to dredge the fallopian tubes. The main reason is that the fallopian tube cavity wall is relatively thin. If the body has weak resistance to the outside, or the vulva care is not in place, or women ignore healthy sex, the possibility of infection will be greatly increased. 
In addition, some women do not pay attention to hygiene during menstruation, which may lead to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria into the fallopian tubes, causing inflammation, exudation, and adhesion.
Although blocked fallopian tubes may not cause obvious discomfort to women, the disease is likely to cause problems such as infertility, which greatly affects the women's family harmony and psychological health. Therefore, it is recommended that women with blocked fallopian tubes go to a regular hospital for surgery and pay attention to postoperative care to avoid the after-effects. 
It is recommended that women cooperate with the doctor to reduce inflammatory symptoms actively. Besides, they should add more nutrition, increase their body resistance, reducing the possibility of adhesion or even blockage after the operation.
The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has a good effect on eliminating female gynecological inflammation. On the one hand, it can reduce inflammation and bacteria, preventing infection from aggravating inflammation and a blockage from appearing again. 
On the other hand, Fuyan Pill can help repair damaged tubal tissue and restore tubal function. It can be used for the postoperative anti-inflammatory treatment of tubal blockage surgery, and it can be a good treatment of inflammation in the cervix, uterus, pelvic cavity, ovary, etc., greatly relieving the pain of women.
To better treat fallopian tube blockage and avoid a re-blockage or reinfection, women must pay special attention to their habits after the fallopian tube operation. There will be a small amount of bleeding within a week of the operation, which is normal. Women should not have sex during the month. After bleeding, wash the vulva with warm water and pay attention to vulva health. Do not eat cold, hard and spicy foods. Keep warm. Go for a review a month later to check the recovery. Women should not be too tired or do strenuous work. 
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