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Pregnancy Fails in Patients with Blocked Fallopian Tubes Following Hydrotubation, What Happends?

Tubal problems are predominant among infertility patients. Many patients have been treated elsewhere or already had tubal dredging operations. Ultimately, they still face this problem: "I have already had a tubal dredging operation, but why can't I get pregnant?"

The oviduct is essential in transporting sperm, picking up eggs, and fertilizing eggs to the uterine cavity. The patency of the fallopian tube is a must for the natural birth of life. If a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked, it will affect pregnancy.
Why can one not be pregnant after tubal dredge?

1. The dredging effect is not ideal
The normal length of the fallopian tube is about 8-10 cm, and the tube diameter is slender. The procedure is very demanding for the doctor. It depends on the location of tubal blockage, the degree of edema destruction, the size of the tubal tube at both ends, the length of the remaining tubal tube, and the state of the art of the medical facilities. 
If any of these links go wrong, it will lead to an unsatisfactory dredging operation or damage to the fallopian tubes and their adjacent organs during the operation, which is likely to lead to a difficult pregnancy after the operation. The effect of tubal dredging surgery will be affected by many factors, including the hospital equipment, the technical level of the doctor, and the severity of the patient's disease, may affect the dredging effect.
Therefore, although the dredging operation has been done, it does not mean that the fallopian tube is completely dredged, the specific also depends on the dredging effect.
2. The function of the fallopian tube does not recover
A blocked fallopian tube not only affects the combination of sperm and eggs, but also may affect some of the functions of the fallopian tube itself, such as collecting eggs and transporting fertilized eggs. The ability to pick up and carry fertilized eggs is also affected if the oviduct is damaged. Therefore, even after surgery to open the fallopian tubes, the function of the fallopian tube is not well recovered, and women naturally can not be pregnant.
3. Other diseases of the reproductive system
After the fallopian tube reopening operation, postoperative infection is likely to lead to other diseases, such as endometritis, cervicitis, and so on. Endometritis will directly affect the normal shape of the uterus, leading to poor cavity tolerance and affecting pregnancy; Cervicitis can lead to sticky and increased leucorrhea, affecting sperm through the fallopian tube and making it difficult to conceive.
4. Other diseases
Sometimes infertility is not caused by a single disease, and women are likely to suffer from other diseases at the same time. If the fallopian tubes are unblocked, but other diseases are not treated, women will have difficulty getting pregnant.
What should you do if you don't get pregnant after the operation? 
1. Go to the hospital for examination. If you are still not pregnant more than six months after tubal unblocking. Don't neglect your fallopian tube screening because you think you've had the procedure dredged. It is important to re-check whether the tubes are open and functioning normally.
2. Active Treatment. After a thorough examination, if you find any other problems, you should treat them actively.
3 Adjustment of mind. Whether or not you can get pregnant in the short term after dredging, pregnant couples need to adjust their mindset and relax. At the same time, you need to lighten your load at work.
The postoperative care of blocked fallopian tubes is the key to pregnancy. Many hospitals only pay attention to the process of "passage" and leave it alone afterward. However, women should focus on unblocking and restoring function and anti-adhesion treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.
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