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Is Hydrosalpinx Equal to Difficult Pregnancy? It's More Dangerous Than You Think!

There are many factors of infertility, and tubal disease is the absolute big brother of this "Big family." In "family," Fallopian tube obstruction, tubal malfunction, adhesion, and hydrosalpinx are "Dominant sides." It is responsible for about a third of all infertility cases in women with fertility problems. For this reason, many females are full of questions about this kind of disease. 

One of the most interesting questions is: is the water in the fallopian tube water? How did it come about? There is water in the fallopian tube, and it is just a kind of water-like liquid.
What is the cause of hydrosalpinx?
Dirty sex: If there is too much sex or have sex during menstruation, people may be infected with salpingitis, resulting in hydrosalpinx.
Improper artificial abortion and childbirth: postpartum or after abortion and menstruation can lead to attachment infection, adhesion atresia, mucosal cells secretions deposited in the lumen, or fallopian tubal end and tubal isthmus adhesion, tubal lumen leakage, exudate gradually accumulated, finally resulting in tubal effusion.
Infection of adjacent organs: it is caused by surrounding tissues and organs inflammation or by genital tract inflammation, such as cervicitis, endometritis, and other retrograde infections. It can also be seen in suppurative appendicitis, peritonitis, and expanding to the fallopian tube and other pelvic reproductive organs.
Chronic salpingitis: when chronic salpingitis occurs, the Fimbriae of the fallopian tube may be adhesive and atresia due to inflammation, resulting in leakage or a gradual accumulation of exudate in the fallopian tube lumen and forming hydrops.
What about the harm of hydrosalpinx?

Uterine cavity effects
It causes hydrops in the uterine cavity and interferes with the embryo's contact with the endometrium so that hydrops in the fallopian tube may increase during ovulation, thereby increasing the volume of fluid flowing into the uterine cavity and resulting in adverse effects on the uterine cavity. In addition, microorganisms, debris, and toxic substances from hydrosalpinx can enter the uterine cavity directly and affect embryo implantation.
Hydrosalpinx is often caused by infection, and most of the reasons are ascending infection, which results in endometrial damage and leaves a permanent impact on embryo implantation receptivity.
Affect the embryo
Hydrosalpinx can affect the embryo's formation and block the embryo's development. The toxic substances from hydrosalpinx flow into the uterine cavity during embryo transfer and produce toxic effects on embryos in the uterine cavity, affecting their development, reducing their implantation ability, reducing the rate of embryo implantation and pregnancy, and increasing the abortion rate.
Induce ectopic pregnancy
Because sperm are so small, part of patients' sperm can pass through the hydrosalpinx and meet the egg at the distal end of the fallopian tube to form a fertilized egg. But the fertilized egg volume is larger, so it is difficult to pass through the hydrosalpinx into the uterus, which leads to infertility.
Hydrosalpinx is a severe disease. If not with the doctor's treatment, blind pregnancy will lead to ectopic pregnancy and significantly impact the body.
Tubal torsion
When the fluid is large and located at the end of the fallopian tube, intense exercise can cause the hydrosalpinx to twist and require emergency surgery. Such patients should be treated in time to avoid emergency surgery.
Hydrosalpinx needs active treatment. If the hydrosalpinx is relatively light, you can use antibiotics for anti-inflammatory treatment to improve the situation of hydrosalpinx.
If the effect of antibiotics is not obvious, and the patient has fertility requirements, you can choose Fuyan Pill from Li Xiaoping's TCM Clinic to eliminate inflammation and increase the chance of pregnancy.
If the patient has no fertility requirements, conservative treatment can be performed, or the fallopian tube can be removed.
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