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Is There No Chance of Pregnancy If the Fallopian Tube Is Blocked?

People usually have a question about the female fallopian tube. Fallopian tube blockage can affect pregnancy, but isn't there two fallopian tubes? Even if both tubes have problems, at what point do blockage, hydrosalpinx, and adhesion affect pregnancy? After all, sperms sprint toward the eggs, and the dynamic sperms should be able to navigate normal obstacles.

Let's start with one side blockage. The first thing to know is that women have two fallopian tubes and ovaries on both sides. If only one side is blocked and the other is fluent, it is still possible for the eggs to meet, but less likely.
Now let's look at how tubal blockage looks on the test sheet. When doing a tubal examination, the doctor will tell you directly that the blockage belongs to "second", "third," or "fourth" levels. The effect on fertility of each level is different:
Level 1: The fallopian tubes are not fluent
This is caused by debris in the tubal tube. Shedding cells and clots can also cause obstruction. In addition, if the fallopian tube is too curved or the fallopian tube, wall of the basin, and adjacent organs appear adhesion affecting the activity of the fallopian tube, it will also cause obstruction.
Level 2: The fallopian tubes are blocked
This type of damage to the fallopian tube is relatively minor, and most of the function of the fallopian tube is normal. If this is the case, the fallopian tube can be dredged by laparoscopy or hysteroscopy and laparoscopy combined with surgery.
Level 3: The fallopian tubes are completely blocked
In this case, the extent of damage is severe and extensive. The course of the disease is too long that without prompt treatment, delayed treatment, tuberculosis infection, and so on contribute to this situation. Surgery can be used to treat scarring, contracture, or stiffness of the fallopian tubes. However, the operation is relatively difficult, and the requirements for operating doctors and equipment are also high.
Level 4: Blocked fallopian tubes and fluid
Tubal obstruction and hydrops are usually caused by tubal umbrella end obstruction. Obstruction at the umbrella end of the fallopian tube is caused by inflammation of the fallopian tube caused by infection with pathogens. Due to bacterial infection, the infiltration of white blood cells then forms the swelling of its intima, interstitial edema, and exudation, resulting in the epithelial shedding of the tubal mucosa.
There is another situation. Mucous membrane adhesion or adhesion of the umbrella end caused by the proliferation of the surrounding fibrous tissue wrap and granulation tissue results in tubal obstruction. When the end of the tubal umbrella appears adhesion, the tubal umbrella obstruction will form.
There are many causes of tubal blockage. Treatment varies according to the degree of blockage, etiology, and individual circumstances. No treatment is required for asymptomatic patients with no fertility requirements. However, symptomatic tubal blockage patients should take medicines actively.
Most gynecological inflammatory diseases, such as fallopian tube blockage caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis, should take prompt treatment of the primary disease. Take hormone treatment if necessary, and the drugs must be taken under doctors' guidance to avoid adverse reactions. Patients can also choose the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill to eliminate inflammation, dredge fallopian tubes, clean up the uterine environment and increase the chance of conception. It is especially suitable for patients with fertility needs.
All in all, do not worry or feel anxious when having fallopian tube problems. Go to the regular hospital for treatment, find the best method, and take medicines positively. Pregnancy will come soon.
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