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Do You Know the Four Dietary Therapies Beneficial to Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked fallopian tubes will not only cause great harm to women's health but may cause infertility in women in the future, so it is necessary to receive treatments as soon as possible in the face of this disease.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to health preservation and are more particular about diets. Therefore, many patients will adjust their health through diets. 
So how to eat with blocked fallopian tubes? Diet nursing methods suitable for patients with blocked fallopian tubes are mainly the following.
Dietary therapy method 1: Peach Kernel Cuttlefish Soup
【Ingredients】5g peach kernel, 15g cuttlefish, and ginger, green onion, salt.
【Method】After washing the cuttlefish, remove the bones and skin, put them in the pot with peach kernel, add 500ml of water, slice the scallion and ginger, add an appropriate amount of scallion and ginger into the pot, bring to a boil over high heat and turn to a low heat simmer, add a proper amount of salt according to personal taste, simmering until the cuttlefish is cooked, then meat and soup can be eaten.
【Efficacy】Peach kernel cuttlefish soup has a good effect on activating blood and replenishing qi, which is suitable for patients with blocked fallopian tubes with qi deficiency and blood stasis. It can be eaten frequently.

Diet method 2: Motherwort Herb Hawthorn Drinking
【Ingredients】15g motherwort herb, 15g hawthorn, rock sugar.
【Method】Wash motherwort herb and hawthorn and put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat, turn to low heat, and fry for 20 minutes; remove the dregs and take the juice. According to personal taste, you can add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and drink it after it melts.
【Efficacy】Motherwort herb and hawthorn drinking 
affects warming meridians, activating blood circulation, and removing stasis. It is suitable for patients with blocked fallopian tubes with blocked blood stasis and has a good auxiliary effect on alleviating the condition and promoting recovery. It can be drunk frequently.
Dietary Therapy Method 3: Motherwort herb Stew Meat
【Ingredients】30 grams of motherwort herb, 150 grams of lean pork.
【Method】Simmer motherwort herb for about 1 hour, filter the residue, and stew the pork in soup.
【Efficacy】Motherwort herb can activate blood circulation. It is often used to treat salpingitis, and endometritis and is also conducive to the activity of smooth muscle of the fallopian tubes.
Diet method 4: Stewed Ribs with Chicken Blood Vine
【Ingredients】300 grams of chicken blood vine, 150 grams of pig spine or ribs.
1. First soak the chicken blood vine in hot water and stir to accelerate the dissolution of the gum, then take out the residue and decoct it in clean water to dissolve the remaining gum, and then mix and boil the two gums, and put them in the refrigerator 10 times for backup.
2. Take 1 dose of chicken blood vine paste, add pig spines and simmer for more than 1 hour, and natural bone glue can be stewed.
【Efficacy】Chicken blood vine is bitter and slight. It can activate blood, regulate menstruation, replenish blood circulation and inhibit platelet aggregation. It has a certain anti-inflammatory effect and belongs to the range of blood circulation and stasis drugs of traditional Chinese medicine. The live ribs of the pig spine contain natural gum, which affects nourishing Yin.
But it is not enough to unblock blocked fallopian tubes with dietary therapy. For blocked fallopian tubes, women can achieve good therapeutic effects through drug therapies, especially if the woman has chronic inflammation and causes the condition to occur, then drug therapy is the first choice. Generally, Chinese medicine prescriptions with anti-inflammatory, menstrual and ovulating effects can be used to achieve the therapeutic effect, such as Fuyan Pill.
If the woman's tubal blockage is very serious, other treatments have been ineffective, and it has caused signs of infertility in the patient's body. It is generally recommended that women choose surgery.
Specific treatment options often need to be decided according to the status of the individual.
Tips: Poor diet and living habits such as staying up late, drinking, excessive caffeine, and even drug use will affect fertility. Nutritional imbalance, extreme or no exercise, excessive obesity, tension, and insomnia can also cause blocked fallopian tubes.
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