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Self-examine Whether the Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked: These Strategies Are Crucial

To conceive quickly and successfully, it is essential for a woman to own a pair of fallopian tubes that are unobstructed and with intact smooth muscle peristalsis and ciliary oscillation functions. Because the fallopian tube is an essential channel for the combination of sperm and egg, it is possible to conceive a new life normally only when it is healthy. But in real life, many women have blocked fallopian tubes.

It is surprising for many women when a doctor tells them their fallopian tubes are blocked. Many women have always been in good health and have never had a pregnancy or abortion. Thus, they never thought to check their fallopian tubes. 
According to the survey, about 60 percent of pregnancy difficulties or infertility are due to blocked fallopian tubes. 
What are the specific circumstances that are prone to cause blockage?
16 conditions cause the blockage of the fallopian tubes
1. Have been diagnosed with a genital disease;
2. Experience of induced abortion or drug flow;
3. Normal menstruation but no ovulation;
4. Irregular menstrual cycle and less menstrual volume;
5. Amenorrhea or long menstrual cycle;
6. No pregnancy for 2~3 months without contraception;
7. Ovulation period appears black bloodshot;
8. Sperm fluid flows out of the vagina after sex;
9. Still unable to conceive after liquid angiography;
10. History of vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, etc.;
11. Have been pregnant before but can not conceive a second child;
12. The examination results have different degrees of tubal blockage;
13. Have been pregnant but can not be pregnant at present;
14. Eat a lot of herbal medicine but shows no signs of pregnancy;
15. Still not pregnant after laparoscopic treatment;
16. Taking birth control pills for long periods.
If you find yourself with more than two or three of these sixteen conditions, it indicates that your fallopian tubes may have problems.
Three main causes of blocked fallopian tubes 
1. Infection. The fallopian tube blockage is often caused by common bacterial infections and special pathogen infections, such as tuberculosis, chlamydia trachomatis, ureaplasma urealyticum, mycoplasma hominis, protozoa, and so on. Prolonged inflammatory irritation caused by infection may block the fallopian tubes.
For blockage caused by infection, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is essential in eliminating inflammation and increasing the chance of natural conception.
2. Abortion. Artificial and surgical abortion (or after delivery) infection often causes blockage and disfluency of the proximal fallopian tube and inflammation around the fallopian tube.
3. Endometriosis. Endometriosis causes pelvic lumps in women that can lead to pelvic adhesions. It can also lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes.
Precautions for women who fail to conceive
1. Women who have not given birth before don't feel panic and anxiety when they fail to be pregnant for the first time. The latest news points out that psychological infertility has also become the focus of the infertility medical field. If you are still not pregnant after preparation for pregnancy for 2~3 months, firstly, find out the reason why you are not pregnant, and then take appropriate treatments. If you insist on treatment, you will become pregnant one day.
2. Abortion or postpartum infection of women who have been pregnant or given birth is the leading cause of blocked fallopian tubes. Inefficient tubal dredging does not help pregnancy but increases damage to the tubes. Therefore, women who want a first or second child need to pay special attention to treatment methods and avoid further injuries.
Women's fertility relies on their care. If they find any abnormalities or doubt that there are problems in the fallopian tubes, take prompt examination and treatment. The fallopian tube is essential for women and is related to pregnancy. Thus, protecting the fallopian tubes from damage is very important in daily life.
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