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What If You Get Pregnant with Hydrosalpinx? Will It Affect the Fetus?

Hydrosalpinx can affect the fetus. The fallopian tube is the pathway of sperm and the place where sperm and eggs combine. Fallopian tubes play an essential role in human reproduction, and any factor affecting tubal transport or secretion function may affect conception. 

Hydrosalpinx is a pathological change of most tubal inflammation, which causes infertility and may also hurt the success rate of pregnancy preparation. If the fallopian tubes are narrow, atresia, deformed or adhesion for various reasons, poor peristalsis caused by hormone disorders, etc., sperm and eggs cannot meet or are not transported smoothly, which can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy.
Among them, tubal hydrocephalus is a typical pathological manifestation of inflammatory infection. Tubal hydrocephalus is a more common type of chronic tubal inflammation. After tubal inflammation, the end of the fallopian tube is adhesive, and atresia, the secretion of mucosal cells accumulates in the tube cavity, or the isthmus and umbrella ends are blocked due to tubal inflammation, forming tubal pus. When the pus cells in the tube cavity are absorbed, they eventually become water-like liquids, and some liquids are absorbed with an empty shell left, which shows the hydrops shadow.
Pelvic inflammatory diseases generally cause fallopian tube lesions. These microbial pathogens enter the pelvic cavity through the female vagina to cause upstream infection. After reaching the fallopian tube cavity, they cause inflammatory changes, causing congestion, suppuration, and exudation of the tube wall, and finally destroying the fallopian tube mucosa, causing damage to endothelial cells, cilia cells to be missing, and mucous at the umbrella end. 
Continuously, the exudate and secretions in the cavity accumulate, causing the tube wall to expand and turn thinner, thus forming tubal hydrosalpinx.
In addition, fibrin exudate caused by intrapelvic infection can also lead to the adhesion of the fallopian tube and the tissue around the ovary. The fallopian tube and ovaries are fixed on the pelvic wall, destroying the normal position of the organs and affecting the "ovulation picking" function of the fallopian tube.
Hydrosalpinx can harm the pregnancy. At present, it is believed that there are three reasons:
First: Most of the hydrosalpinx is caused by a blocked umbrella end of the fallopian tube. If sperm and eggs cannot meet, they will not be pregnant;
Second: The hydrocephalus of the fallopian tube may return to the uterine cavity with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube, which has an erosion effect on the embryo and affects embryo implantation.
Third, tubal hydrocephalus is mostly inflammatory exudation, being toxic to the embryo, reducing the probability of pregnancy and increasing the probability of miscarriage.
The fallopian tube is a fertilization site and a function to transport fertilized eggs. Therefore, it is essential to accept the advice of a doctor and carry out appropriate treatment according to the function of the ovarian reserve.
If it is a unilateral fallopian tube effusion, the fallopian tubes on one side of the effusion can be treated, such as stoma or resection, proximal block. If the opposite fallopian tube is in good condition, the patient can ovulate through B-ultrasound and have sex during ovulation, making it easy to get pregnant. If it is bilateral hydrosalpinx, laparoscopic surgery is required.
Patients should communicate more with doctors and actively receive treatment, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease. Pay attention to exercise, remember to get up early and go to bed early, and breathe more fresh air. Usually, they can eat more fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and take some mineral supplements in moderation foods; protein-rich foods should also be consumed in moderation, but remember not to be greedy.
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