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How to Prevent Relapse After Tubal Blockage Surgery?

Blocked fallopian tubes can be a major obstacle in a woman's attempt to become pregnant. Many patients opt for surgery to treat the blockage. However, the probability of recurrence after tubal blockage surgery is higher. The recurrence rate will increase if the postoperative conditioning is not done well. So, how to reduce the probability of relapse after a tubal blockage operation? Effective postoperative conditioning to everyone. Take a look.

What are the reasons for tubal blockage recurrence after the operation?
1. Spread of inflammatory infection 
After the operation of the fallopian tube, there may be repeated episodes of blockage, mainly because of women's other reproductive organ diseases, such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, endometritis and so on. These cause inflammation to spread to the fallopian tubes. Then the inflammation of the fallopian tube causes blockage again and again.
2. Improper operation 
If a patient has an abortion, inserts the IUD or takes out the IUD and other uterine surgery after the fallopian tube surgery, resulting in fallopian tube damage due to the improper operation of the uterine surgery, which will induce inflammation of the fallopian tube, resulting in repeated blockage of the fallopian tube.
3. Sexual impurity 
If the patient does not pay much attention to the hygiene of personal sex life, shortly after the operation to have sex, it is also easy to lead to repeated fallopian tube blockage.
Conditioning methods after tubal blockage operation.
It is recommended that patients take the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill to regulate after the operation of tubal blockage, which plays a role in consolidating the treatment.
Why can Fuyan pills consolidate the operation effect and reduce the recurrence of tubal blockage? This is because Fuyan pills have the results of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the spleen, and removing dampness, anti-hyperplasia, and anti-fibrosis. 
After surgery, the patient can insist on taking Fuyan pills to clear heat and detoxify, sterilize and reduce inflammation, and prevent postoperative infection. It promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, strengthening the spleen and dampness, and it can promote blood circulation and is conducive to postoperative wound recovery. In addition, Fuyan pills can effectively repair the damaged tubal tissue so that the tubal turns smooth and improve the female pregnancy rate.
Care precautions after tubal blockage surgery.
In addition to insisting on taking Fuyan pills, patients also need care from the following aspects after surgery:
1. Early activity 
If there is no contraindication after surgery, patients should get off bed early, which is conducive to the discharge of inflammatory secretions, promote blood circulation, and is also conducive to the recovery of the disease. On the first day after surgery, the patient can roll over and move first in and then out of bed. But in the activation process, they should pay attention to the intensity of the activity according to their situation by the principle of not being tired.
2. Dietary aspect 
Pay attention to postoperative dietary care to ensure the supply of nutrients and fluids. Generally, 12~24 hours after surgery, after anal exhaust, patients can eat a moderate amount of semi-liquid food. After defecation, they can go on a regular diet. In addition, they should eat a light diet and more fruits and vegetables.
3. Psychological nursing 
Many people neglect the psychological care of patients after surgery. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes usually receive surgery because of infertility, which puts tremendous mental pressure and a heavy psychological burden. So the family should care about the patient, comfort well, and create a good rehabilitation environment for the patient.
I have introduced the effective prescription for tubal blockage after surgery. And I hope that all patients can get pregnant after treatment and conditioning.
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