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What Are The Dietary Requirements for Patients with Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is a pathological change of most fallopian tube inflammation. After tubal inflammation, the fallopian tube umbrella end adhesion is blocked, the secretion of mucosal cells accumulates in the tube cavity, or the isthmus and umbrella end adhesion is blocked due to tubal inflammation, forming tubal effusion. 

When the pus cells in the tube cavity are absorbed, they eventually become water-like liquids, and some liquids are absorbed with an empty shell left, which shows hydrosalpinx. It will cause infertility and hurt the success rate of pregnancy preparation.
What are the dietary requirements for patients with hydrosalpinx?

I. Dietary taboos:
1. It is not advisable to eat stimulating food or irritating food: such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, and various spicy seasonings. Because spicy and irritating food enters the human body, the gastrointestinal tract will have adverse reactions.
2. It is not appropriate to eat fried food in oil and avoid eating fried food. Deep-fried food can easily produce nitrite after high-temperature processing, leading to disease. And fried food is greasy, indigestible, high in calories, and contains high fats and oxides.
3. It is inappropriate to eat moldy food, and you must avoid eating non-fresh or moldy food.
4. Avoid drinking alcohol. Excessive drinking will cause great harm to patients with hydrosalpinx, such as alcoholic liver or alcohol dependence diseases, and may also cause liver and kidney functional diseases. If you often drink for a long time, it will increase the burden on the organs, resulting in damage.
II. Appropriate diet:
1. Increase protein intakes, such as milk, eggs, and lean meat. Protein plays a vital role in healing human wounds and increasing physical strength. Due to the weakness of the disease, it is necessary to replenish the body's energy.
2. In life, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, vegetables, potatoes, spinach, bananas, citrus, etc., to supplement the minerals and vitamins needed by the body, improve your resistance, and help the wound heal quickly.
III. Dietary care measures;
1. Food should be fresh, and you must pay attention to meat and vegetarian matching. Usually, you can eat reasonably according to how you eat less and more meals. The diet should be suitable for taste and ensure sufficient and balanced nutrition.
2. Regarding diet, you should avoid spicy, rough, irritating and intolerant food.
3. The total energy of the full-day diet should be properly controlled to maintain a balance between intake and consumption to maintain a suitable physical quality.

In addition, patients with hydrosalpinx should also do the following:
First, pay attention to more exercise at ordinary times. Exercise makes the body more powerful, which can enhance the body's resistance and is very helpful for preventing diseases. Remember to get up and go to bed early, get enough sleep, and breathe more fresh air.
Second, stay away from electronic products as much as possible. Nowadays, electronic products are everywhere, and many females have developed bad living habits because of using electronic products. For example, the mobile phone has always been facing the computer all day, etc. If you have to use a computer due to work, you should also go out more after work. Don't sit still for a long time.
Third, you must pay attention to personal hygiene, change laundry clothes frequently, and avoid sex. During mild symptoms, both husband and wife who have sexual intercourse should clean up their private parts and wash them with warm water after sexual intercourse. The purpose of this can effectively prevent the breeding of germs. In addition, if there is bleeding after sex, they should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious diseases.
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