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Blocked Fallopian Tubes in Women Have Something to Do with Their Partners?

Blocked fallopian tubes have always been a common cause of female infertility. Among all infertile people, infertility due to blocked fallopian tubes accounts for about 40%.

Generally speaking, when it comes to blocked fallopian tubes, most people think it is due to the woman and has nothing to do with the man. But in fact, the reason why some women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes has a lot to do with the man.
So, what is going on? What is the relationship between women suffering from blocked fallopian tubes and their husbands?
In this regard, experts said that conception is a complicated process. Many couples today have different attitudes and choices about childbearing after marriage, which will affect female health, resulting in the inability to have normal children. And the reason why women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes is related to the man.
Three main factors cause a man to suffer from blocked fallopian tubes:
1.Frequent miscarriages and inadequate care
You must know that abortion damages female bodies, and some couples do not have proper safety measures after marriage and have no plans to have children. Thus, women will have frequent abortions. If post-abortion nursing work is not in place, it will lead to infertility. In this process, the man failed to play a good role and allowed his wife to have frequent miscarriages, which is a delinquency of  the husband.
2. Sexual intercourse during menstruation
Some couples like to pursue stimulation, while others choose to have intercourse during menstruation because they think that menstruation is the ovulation period because of ignorance. However, they ignore that the man who has the same room during menstruation can easily substitute bacteria into the woman's body to cause inflammation, which will cause blockage of the fallopian tubes and other conditions, leading to infertility. 
Childbirth is crucial, but the husband behaves badly and even chooses to mess around with his wife. The husband fails to take corresponding responsibility in this matter.
3. Hygiene problem of the man
Many women themselves pay great attention to hygiene, but in terms of both sexes, paying attention to hygiene alone cannot avoid illness. If your partner has hygiene problems, it will also harm your body. Bacteria entering a woman's body will increase the probability of fallopian tube blockage.
If a woman has have blocked fallopain tubes and affected fertility, what should she do? Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, can help patients treat diseases and improve natural fertility opportunities.
How to prevent fallopian tube blockage?

1. Proper diet
Many foods and lifestyle habits can cause blocked fallopian tubes. Drinking some green tea can effectively help wash away the oil in the body, as greasy fried food will directly invade the uterus and fallopian tubes and cause blockage. You can usually pay attention to eating more healthy green fruits and vegetables to prevent fallopian tube blockages.
2. Pay attention to hygiene
The premise of preventing fallopian tube blockages is to pay attention to your cleanliness and hygiene. Change underwear frequently and clean the genital area every day. Separating your towels and washbasins from others. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cross-infection among multiple people.
3. Moderate sexual life
Sexual life is one of the causes of blocked fallopian tubes in women. Only by having sex in this way can we maintain the best quality and prevent the occurrence of fallopian tube blockage. During sex, it is easy to bring external bacteria and viruses into the female vagina, causing blockage of the fallopian tubes. Experts suggest that men and women wash thoroughly before having sex and maintain hygiene.
In short, in addition to being related to men, the blockage of fallopian tubes is also affected by some personal habits of women, such as not paying attention to exercise and sitting for a long time, which will lead to poor blood circulation and lead to blockage of fallopian tubes. Secondly, if you usually like to eat junk food, it can cause hormone disorders in the body and affect both the fallopian tubes and the ovaries.
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