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What Are Other Methods to Treat Hydrosalpinx Besides Surgery?

Hydrosalpinx is a disease including inflammation, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, and appendicitis, which causes the female ampulla or umbrella end of the fallopian tube to adhere up, causing inflammatory leakage liquid to accumulate in the dilated tubal lumen, forming accumulated water. Hydrosalpinx is one of the sequelae of pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, in the sexually active period and during menstruation, it is easy to infect pelvic inflammatory diseases and hydrosalpinx.

With the increase in water accumulation, patients will experience abdominal pain, fever, increased vaginal secretions, and extension of menstruation. Too much water can also cause symptoms such as chills and fever.
Patients with hydrosalpinx can be treated directly. Patients can choose minimally invasive surgery, such as laparoscopic fallopian tube resection, laparoscopy tubal ligation, laparoscopic tubal umbrella end, and B-ultrasound puncture pumping. They can also take non-invasive surgery, such as intervention in embolism.
What other methods can treat fallopian tubes in addition to surgery?
1. Treatment through drugs to eliminate inflammation and water. Anti-infection drugs can remove fallopian tube inflammation. After the inflammation is eliminated, the accumulated water will be slowly absorbed. The choice of drugs is the key. Antibiotic drugs are prone to drug resistance, and they will also destroy the balance of flora in women's bodies and cause inflammation to recur. The treatment generally takes 1-2 months.
2. TCM treatment. Hydrosalpinx is a feature of inflammation. Flora planting, promoting immune balance, cooperating with an anti-inflammatory diet, and reducing the occurrence and spread of inflammation can reduce hydrosalpinx and the recurrence rate.
The fallopian tube is located in the pelvic cavity, and it isn't easy to have drugs to intervene in the local area. However, there are many means of TCM, such as warm moxibustion, hot compresses, enema, and three-way therapy, which can improve pelvic blood supply and promote inflammation and water accumulation dissipation through local medications.
In addition, patients can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate inflammation, dredge the fallopian tube, repair the damaged tubal cilium tissue, and promote the absorption of tubal fluids.
Points for attention:
1. Women should pay attention to their vulva and personal hygiene, especially during menstrual periods. After the period of birth, the menstrual recovery of mothers is generally 6-8 weeks after delivery. At this time, paying more attention to menstrual hygiene is necessary. Pay attention to the infection in the sanitary ware and the bathroom.
2. If uterine cavity surgery is needed, it should be strictly disinfected to avoid bringing germs into the vagina and uterus with surgery, causing human infection.
3. When women are having sex, they should pay attention to their hygiene of sexual companionship. It is best to clean the external reproductive organs in front of the house to prevent the smooth invasion of germs.
4. Increase physical exercise in life, enhance physical fitness, resistance, and immunity, and reduce the chance of germs. Strengthen nutrition and hygiene after the menstrual period, abortion, and childbirth. Notice your health, which can effectively reduce the incidence of water accumulation in the fallopian tube.
5. The diet should be light. Patients with influenza accumulation torture and pain and have been with drugs for a long time. The appetite will be lost when the disease occurs, so the diet should be light. It can maintain a better desire and spleen and stomach transportation function to enhance disease resistance.
6. Pay attention to rest. It is best to use a semi-lying position when sleeping to prevent inflammatory liquid flow. Eat more foods that are easy to digest and rich in vitamins.
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