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Can You Be Pregnant After Fallopian Tube Dredging? Is there a Possibility of Recurrence?

A tubal blockage is often seen as a clinical gynecological disease. Blocked fallopian tubes can affect the movement of sperm or fertilized eggs, leading to infertility. Mild blockage of the fallopian tubes can be dredged by tubal fluid or other methods. For severe blockage, surgery is often needed.

For tubal blockage, women can take the following way to dredge.
A blockage of the proximal fallopian tube may be treated with hydrotubation. Saline injection from the cervix is usually an option. As the fluid fills the uterus, it enters the fallopian tubes. The doctor can judge whether the fallopian tubes are blocked according to the amount of liquid injected and the entering speed. Dredging the fallopian tube will also be completed at the same time. Much mild tubal adhesion caused by the blockage can be dredged with this method.
There is also a more advanced method. A special guide wire can be inserted into the fallopian tubes for fluid dredging, and this wire can separate the fallopian tubes stuck with each other. The injected liquid also has a certain dredging effect. 
Can you be pregnant after fallopian tube dredging?
Patients accepting the tubal blockage dredging will be pregnant again if the body does not appear with other abnormalities. When the fallopian tubes block, it will generally hinder the normal fertilization process, causing infertility easily. If it is not completely blocked, it will be possible for related patients to be pregnant again after the fallopian tubes are dredged.
If they still cannot be pregnant 1 year after the tubal blockage dredging, the probability of natural pregnancy will be relatively small. Whether the patient can be pregnant mainly depends on the site of the dredging for the fallopian tubes.
The natural pregnancy rate can be up to 50% after the adhesion separation for mild peritubal adhesion, umbrella-end narrowing, and umbrella-end plastic operation. Severe tubal blockage presents obvious dilatation of the tubal lumen, wall thickening, and fibrosis, ciliary loss at the end of the cilium and extensive and dense adhesion around the tubes under laparoscopy. The postoperative intrauterine pregnancy rate will be 0-22%. 
After tubal dredging, patients should pay attention to some daily care, especially postoperative care. If care is improper, patients will suffer from some inflammation, resulting in the re-occurrence of the tubal blockage under the stimulation of inflammation.
It is necessary to form a good routine for life. Both husband and wife should stay happy, avoid smoking and drinking, and avoid contact with toxic substances. The woman can follow the doctor's advice to supplement her body with folic acid.
What to do when tubal blockage reoccurs after treatment?
If it is found that the tubal blockage has recurred again, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately for examination, and some treatments should also be carried out under the guidance of the doctor. 
Fuyan Pill, a herbal medicine, has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and resolving stasis, which can eliminate the symptoms of patients, clean up the uterine environment, and increase the chance of natural pregnancy. 
At the same time, it is necessary to observe the condition to avoid worsening the situation. It is necessary to pay attention to appropriate exercise and strengthen the body, but try not to do strenuous exercise. Paying attention to rest and trying not to work too hard is also necessary. 
At the same time, patients must pay attention to personal hygiene, change underwear frequently, and keep the areas around the vagina dry and healthy. They should observe the situation of leucorrhea at any time. They should not have sex life frequently and pay more attention to rest.
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