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Does Pelvic Lavage Work For Tubal Blockage?

The fallopian tubes are important to women because they determine a woman's fertility. The fallopian tubes are the channels for transporting sperms and fertilized eggs, and once the tubes are blocked, the combination of sperms and eggs will inevitably be affected. Tubal blockage can easily cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy in women. Infertility caused by blocked fallopian tubes accounts for 25%-35% of female infertility, which is very harmful. 


There are many ways to unblock the fallopian tubes, and pelvic lavage is one of them. Many female patients are concerned about the question of whether or not pelvic lavage is useful for tubal blockage. 

Pelvic lavage injects drugs directly into the pelvic cavity through the uterine cavity after lesions or inflammation of the pelvic uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. It has a better anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, but the effect in treating fallopian tube blockage is generally not good. It is more complicated to administer than oral or intravenous medications.

Patients can have their fallopian tubes unblocked through medication and surgery.

Oral or intravenous antibiotics are good for tubal blockage. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine is a good choice for gynecological disorders.

Fuyan Pill is formulated with traditional Chinese medicine, which has good efficacy in clearing away heat and dampness, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and can effectively kill all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and eliminate inflammatory infections to eliminate the adhesion of fallopian tube wall and play the role of unblocking the fallopian tube.

Fuyan Pill can also relieve patients' abdominal pain, improve patients' abnormal leukorrhea, and regulate menstrual irregularities. In addition, it can also play a regulating role and repair damaged fallopian tube tissues. It can play a role in repairing fallopian tube damage caused by inflammatory infections or after surgery, thus restoring the normal function of the fallopian tube.

There are two main methods for unblocking fallopian tube surgery: laparoscopic surgical treatment and interventional therapy of fallopian tubes. Generally, the type of tubal blockage is determined according to the degree and the location of the patient's tubal blockage to decide which surgical method to use.

For any disease, prevention is as important as treatment. Tubal blockage can also be prevented, and it is recommended to do these three things:

1. Maintain hygiene

Due to female special physiology, if a woman neglects hygiene and cleanliness, bacteria can easily enter the uterus and ovaries through the vagina and cause inflammation. She can prevent bacteria from entering the vagina and ovaries by developing good hygiene habits.

2. Gynecological examination

For women, no matter how old they are, as long as they have sex, they have to go to the hospital for a gynecological examination in time. This way, inflammation can be detected more promptly, and timely treatment can prevent the problem of fallopian tube blockage.

3. Use contraception

We all know that another factor that leads to tubal failure is abortion. As a precautionary measure, if a woman does not have reproductive needs for the time being, she should always use contraception when having sex.

All in all, the fallopian tube is the channel for transporting eggs, and only when it is smooth can it create excellent conditions for the combination of sperm and egg. However, some women have blocked fallopian tubes due to various factors, which will inevitably affect fertility.

Therefore, in daily life, female patients should first do a good job of preventing tubal blockage. Secondly, after the problem of fallopian tube blockage, they should find out the cause in time and carry out targeted treatment.

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