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Don't Take it Lightly; You May Not Get Pregnant Right After Hydrosalpinx is Removed

Hydrosalpinx is a common gynecological disease that can be caused by various reasons. Clinically, a significant number of female infertility patients are caused by this disease.


Hydrosalpinx refers to the accumulation of fluid in the fallopian tubes, resulting in narrowing or complete blockage of the tubal passage, which can cause infertility in patients as it can interfere with the fertilization of the egg and the implantation of the embryo. Therefore, eliminating hydrosalpinx is the key to ensuring fertility for these patients.

So, can a woman get pregnant after her hydrosalpinx is eliminated?

Since hydrosalpinx can also lead to adhesions and even blockage of the tubes in severe cases, whether you can get pregnant immediately after fluid elimination in the tubes has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. There are mainly the following:

1. Severity of hydrosalpinx: This determines the difficulty of treatment and the likelihood of the patient regaining fertility. Patients with mild hydrosalpinx can be treated with antibiotics or Fuyan Pill. The pill will not produce any side effects on the patient's body, and consistent use can eliminate pain relief, inflammatory stimuli, and fluid buildup and restore the smoothness of the fallopian tubes. 

Severe hydrosalpinx requires surgical treatment, which is mostly laparoscopic tubal stoma. A salpingectomy may be necessary if the fluid buildup causes a complete rupture of the tubal wall. As a result, the likelihood of regaining fertility is lower for patients with severe fluid retention.

2. Whether it is accompanied by other infertility factors: Hydrosalpinx often does not exist alone but in conjunction with other infertility factors. For example, the patient has other gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, or tubal blockage. Therefore, even if hydrosalpinx is eliminated, it is not always possible for the patient to get pregnant successfully. Patients are advised to undergo a comprehensive gynecological examination before preparing for pregnancy.

3. Age factor: A woman's fertility declines gradually with age, especially if she is over 35 years old. Therefore, the older a person with hydrosalpinx is, the less likely she is to regain fertility. However, even at an older age, getting pregnant after the fluid has been removed is still possible, as everyone's fertility is not the same.

4. Aftercare: After hydrosalpinx is eliminated, patients need to be observed for some time, including regular fallopian tube checkups for reoccurrence of fluid buildup and inflammation and monitoring of follicle growth. If other problems occur after treatment, timely measures can improve the likelihood of pregnancy.

You can usually get pregnant after three months after the treatment of hydrosalpinx. If the fallopian tube is blocked, you can prepare for pregnancy after half a year. Before preparing for pregnancy, patients should go to the hospital to check whether the fallopian tubes are clear and pay attention to folic acid supplementation.

Women should pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, normally daily wash the vulva with water, and not arbitrarily use drugs to clean the vagina; easy to destroy the acid-base environment of the vagina. Before and after sex, both men and women keep their genitals clean, which is also an important measure to prevent the recurrence of inflammation. 

Women should also pay attention to a reasonable diet, avoiding the stimulation of adverse factors. Regular check-ups are the most important; early detection and treatment can lead to timely recovery. As long as you actively treat the hydrosalpinx issue and maintain daily care, the chances of getting pregnant are still quite high.

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