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Is Hydrosalpinx Really "Water"? It's Not As Simple As You Think

A question that many women patients or those who don't know much about hydrosalpinx may want to ask is: is the fluid in the fallopian tubes really water? How does it form?


In fact, the so-called hydrosalpinx does not mean that there is really water in the fallopian tubes; it is just a watery fluid. Hydrosalpinx is a common clinical disease of the fallopian tubes. After the fallopian tube is infected by pathogens, due to the infiltration of leukocytes, the formation of endothelial swelling, interstitial edema, oozing, and the fallopian tube mucosal epithelium is shed. If the acute inflammation of the fallopian tubes is not treated timely and effectively, hydrosalpinx is formed.

To understand whether or not water is actually being discharged from the tubal fluid, women should know how tubal fluid is formed in the first place. There are these four main causes:

1. Gynecological Inflammation: when the patient herself suffers from gynecological inflammation such as salpingitis, pelvic inflammation, endometritis, etc., the fallopian tubes will become adhesive atresia under the influence of inflammation, resulting in the fluid secreted by the mucous membrane cells not being able to be discharged, and it accumulates in the official cavity and finally forms effusion.

2. Multiple Abortions: after vaginal delivery or abortion, women's body resistance is low, and infection can occur at this time. Pathogenic bacteria can retrograde along the vagina into the uterine cavity and fallopian tube, causing inflammatory infection. If it is not treated in time, tubal effusion may occur. Sexual intercourse during menstruation, injury during abortion, and the influence of birth control rings are all triggers of hydrosalpinx.

3. Infection Secondary to Uterine Operation: If uterine operations such as curettage, tubalography, etc., have been carried out, improper operation during the operation and lack of attention to hygiene after the operation may cause infections in the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, which will induce hydrosalpinx.

4. Tubal Blockage: Some patients are due to frequent abortions or uterine operations, which can lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes, and the blocked tubes will form pus in the lumen of the tubes. When the pus cells in the lumen of the tubes are absorbed, they will form watery liquid and remain in the fallopian tubes, and ultimately, hydrosalpinx will be formed.

From analyzing the reasons for the formation of hydrosalpinx, it is clear that what is discharged from the tubal effusion is not water but watery fluid secreted by the mucous membrane cells and the fluid left behind after the pus cells have been absorbed. Tubal fluid is not only not really "water" but also contains many harmful stains. It also contains microorganisms, lymphocytes, tissue debris, etc. 

If the patient is not treated in time, the fluid will flow back into the uterine cavity over time, which will affect the endometrium's tolerance. If left untreated for a long time, it can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy, so it is important for women who are preparing for pregnancy to treat and prevent it actively.

If the patient's symptoms are relatively mild, the patient can take oral traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill to discharge the fluid in time, which can effectively improve the environment of the fallopian tubes and increase the conception rate. Hysterolaparoscopy can also be performed. That is, through the hysteroscopic operation orifice, the Microsoft catheter into the fallopian tubes, and the Methylene blue dye pressurized inward propulsion dredge the interstitial part of the obstruction.

Patients should communicate with their doctors more often and accept treatment actively, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease. Pay attention to exercise, get up early and go to bed early, breathe more fresh air, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and take some food to supplement the minerals in moderation; protein-rich food should also be consumed in moderation, but remember not to be greedy for too much. 

In addition, regular surgical physical examination is most important; it can help in the timely detection of diseases and reduce the difficulty of treatment.

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