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Can Fallopian Tubes Be Naturally Blocked?

The fallopian tubes refer to the tubes that carry the egg. When the fallopian tubes are heathy, they create an opportunity for the sperm and egg to combine and form a fertilized egg, laying a good foundation for the conception of a healthy baby.

However, due to a variety of factors, some women may face the problem of blocked fallopian tubes, which may lead to difficulties in conception or infertility. Are blocked fallopian tubes congenital or acquired? Let's discuss this question together today.


Tubal blockage can be caused by various reasons, including congenital and acquired factors. Congenital tubal blockage is when a woman is born with structural abnormalities or abnormal functioning of the fallopian tubes. This may include the following conditions:

1. Underdeveloped or Absent Fallopian Tubes: Some women may be born with underdeveloped tubes or lack them altogether.

2. Tubal Malformation: Abnormalities in tubal morphology, such as excessive narrowness, curvature, atresia, etc., may lead to impaired function or complete blockage of the fallopian tubes.

3. Other Structural Abnormalities: Sometimes, abnormalities of organs adjacent to the fallopian tubes (e.g., uterine malformations, adnexal malformations, etc.) may also affect the normal functioning of the fallopian tubes.

The blockage caused by acquired factors, to a large extent, is related to the tubal adhesion or obstruction caused by the tubal inflammation, and there are other factors as well. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Gynecological Inflammation

Inflammatory diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal inflammatory disease, adnexitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, and other inflammatory diseases that are not dealt with in time will lead to tubal inflammation, which will lead to tubal blockage or tubal incompatibility.

2. Abortion Infection

Abortion is the main cause of tubal blockage; it will lead to a variety of inflammatory infections secondary to women, thereby triggering tubal damage to form a blockage.

3. Lack of Hygiene During Menstruation

The endometrium of the uterus sheds during a woman's menstrual period. If you ignore hygiene during menstruation, bacteria can easily invade it and cause bacterial infection.

4. Other Factors

Endometriosis, abdominal surgery, appendicitis surgery, removal and insertion of birth control ring, tuberculosis, etc., can all lead to blockage of the tubal walls due to congestion, edema, and adhesion.

For congenital tubal occlusion, the treatment mainly depends on the specific condition and the patient's needs. Patients with tubal blockage due to tubal malformation can be treated with tubal reconstruction surgery, along with pelvic distraction surgery and tuboplasty.

Clinically, traditional Chinese medicine has good results in treating blocked fallopian tubes. If the blockage problem is caused by inflammation, patients can use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the problem. Fuyan Pill has the efficacy of clearing away heat, detoxifying the body, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, sterilizing, and anti-inflammatory, which is conducive to clearing the toxins in the uterus and eliminating the inflammatory stimulus, to restore the health of the fallopian tube.

If the blockage of the fallopian tubes is more severe, it will need to be treated by open surgery. Tuboscopy, hysteroscopy, or laparoscopy are commonly used, and microsurgery is preferred. Microsurgery shows the lesion area more clearly, exposes the lesion in the blocked area directly, the trauma of cutting and suturing is relatively small, the position of its tubal reopening is accurately articulated, the scar is small, the healing is fast, and the tubal function is restored with good results.

In addition, female patients also should pay attention to the changes in the body at all times. If there are obvious symptoms of discomfort, they should consult a doctor in time so as not to delay the best time for treatment. In addition, in daily life, they ought to rest more, avoid strenuous exercise, strengthen their dietary regulations, and eat more high-quality protein food, such as eggs, lean meat, etc.

In conclusion, tubal blockage is a more severe problem that can affect a woman's fertility, so women must be more vigilant. If the blockage is detected, they should unblock it as soon as possible by scientific methods.

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