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When Preparing for Pregnancy, Blocked Fallopian Tubes May Be Related to These Three Factors

For women, pregnancy is a complex physiological process that requires the coordination of various health indicators. Typically, it's advisable to prepare for pregnancy three months in advance, aiming to improve the quality of the fetus. However, if you have been trying for several months without success, it's important to consider what might be causing the issue.


One common cause of female infertility relates to issues with the fallopian tubes, such as blockages, adhesions, or other obstructions. The most frequent problem is fallopian tube blockage. If you're preparing for pregnancy and suspect a "blocked fallopian tube," it may be related to these three factors, which hopefully you haven't encountered:

1. Gynecological Inflammation

It's commonly said that "nine out of ten women experience inflammation." In recent years, the incidence of gynecological inflammation in women has been rising. Not only does this affect a woman's overall health, but it can also impact fertility. Untreated gynecological inflammation can spread to other parts, including the fallopian tubes. For example, pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to blocked fallopian tubes.

2. Abortion Surgery

Some women undergo abortion surgery due to unintended pregnancies. Multiple abortions can harm the health of the uterus and may pose a risk of fallopian tube blockage. This is because the pelvic organs are interconnected, and damage to the endometrium from abortion can lead to conditions like endometriosis, which in turn may affect the fallopian tubes.

3. Intercourse During Menstruation

It's widely known that conditions like endometriosis can cause abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea during menstruation. The cause of endometriosis can vary, such as intercourse during menstruation or physical trauma. During this period, shed endometrial tissue and blood clots may be pushed into the fallopian tubes, potentially leading to abnormalities. This can result in ectopic pregnancies or infertility in women.

Most cases of fallopian tube disease are secondary to inflammatory infections, particularly pelvic inflammatory diseases. If the blockage of the fallopian tubes is caused by inflammation, traditional Chinese medicine such as Fuyan Pill can be used to eliminate the infection. This treatment aims to repair the damaged fallopian tube tissues and restore their function, thereby achieving the objective of unblocking the fallopian tubes.

How to prevent fallopian tube blockage in everyday life?

1. Regular Check-ups

Regular health check-ups can prevent various infertility issues, including those related to the fallopian tubes. If abnormalities in the fallopian tubes are detected during these check-ups, symptomatic treatment should be pursued under medical guidance.

2. Effective Contraception

If you are not planning to conceive, it's important to use effective contraception to avoid the need for abortion. Many cases of fallopian tube blockage are caused by improper abortion procedures. Even with proper abortion procedures, it's not advisable to undergo them frequently, as this increases the risk of infection.

3. Timely Treatment of Inflammation

If a woman suffers from diseases like adnexitis, proactive and complete treatment is crucial to prevent the condition from becoming chronic.

4.Hygiene During Sexual Activity

It's advised to abstain from sexual activity during menstruation. Particularly after an abortion or during the postpartum period, sexual activity should be avoided for a month. This period is when a woman’s body is most vulnerable. Both partners should practice restraint and maintain good personal hygiene to prevent the opportunity for diseases to develop.

These preventive measures are important for maintaining reproductive health and reducing the risk of fallopian tube blockages, which can impact fertility.

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