Cure Dysmenorrhea and Abdominal Pain with Fuyan Pill

Bellyache and dysmenorrhea occurs on women sometimes. Why would that happen and how do we deal with it?

During the ovulation period of pubescent girls, if the egg fracture and the fliud in the egg irritate peritoneum, pain occurs. Most of the girls have pain in the lower abdomen. And some of them have a colporrhagia(vaginal bleeding), that is, ovulation bleeding. The bleeding would disappear in one or two days naturally, never exceed 7 days. This sort of bellyache is normal in test, it's physiological bellyache. In the theory of western medicine, no treatment for that kind of hellyache is needed. However, traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation and removing stasis, disengangle Qi and stop pain, so that the bellyache is eliminated.

There are two kinds of dysmenorrhea: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.
1.primary dysmenorrhea
It occurs on pubescent girls, its causes include: prostaglandin factor, chill factor, mood factor and psychology factor. There is no lesion on organs so it can disappear after delivery or getting older. Once the pain is drastic, girls would find some western medicine to release the pain. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill kills pain and the pain never reappear.

2.secondary dysmenorrhea
Secondary dysmenorrhea always happen because of endometriosis and adenomyosis. Symptoms of endometriosis are: abdominal distention, lower abdomen pain, bellyache during menstrual periods, menstrual disorder and abnormal bleeding. Adenomyosis happen because endometrium cells grow outside the womb, such as in  fallopain tube, in ovary and outside the bladder. These cells cause a little abnormal bleeding, damange and inflammation of organs. Fibrous tissues generate to surround cells and causes bellyache. If the cells grow in fallopain tube, they would cause tubal blockage and infertility in the end. Curing endometriosis and adenomyosis with traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is effective. As the elements in the medicine clears away heat and toxic material, bacteria have been killed and inflammation disappear. The element in Fuyan Pill for kiling pain and promote blood circulation can release and stop pain, regulate menstruation. Endometriosis and adenomyosis can be cured without recidivation.

3.Sometimes there is residual placenta after abortion. Injection caused by residual placenta may cause acute lower abdomen pain and high fever. Traditional Chinese medicine Sheng Hua Tang adding some other herbal medicine can help discharge residual placenta, kill bacteria and prevent from inflammation. Taking Fuyan Pill after that can consolidate effect.

4.Sometimes there is a ovarian endometrial cyst(chocolate cyst of ovary). Cystis enlarge and break during menstrual period, and content of the cystis effect on peritoneym to cause bellyache. Since Fuyan Pill can promote circulation of blood and dissolve stasis, it deal with cystis and stop the pain, cure ovarian endometrial in the end.

5.Some women remain the pain of waist and low abdomen, and the pain intensify after having sex and during menstrual period. If there exist a symptom of excessive vaginal fluid, it might be chronic hysteritis. If there is a pain in abdomen and waist for a long time, and the pain intensify after tiring and having sex and during menstrual period, along with disordered menstrual period and lacking strength, it might be chronic PID. Fuyan Pill can clear away heat and toxic material and kill all kinds of bacteria, virus and pathogen, make mycoplasma and chlamydia test negative. As Fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation, stop pain and regulate menstruation, it is a unique and effective medicine to cure chronic female disease. Fuyan Pill can cure the diseases that bother patients and doctors all over the world - chronic inflammation and chronic female diseases caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia.

6.Pelvic varicose veins is a pelvic congestion caused by chronic inflammation. Main symptoms are: there is a pain in low abdomen and pain ease if lie down, along with pain in the waist and excessive menstrual blood and vaginal fluid. The pain in low abdomen and waist would intensify after having sex. Fuyan Pill clear away heat and toxic material, kill bacteria and virus, promote blood circulation, regulate menstrual period, restrain excessive menstrual blood and vaginal fluid, aiming to cure pelvic varicose vains.

7.Extrauterine pregnancy is in an other aspect. For normal pregnancy, gertilized egg is growing inside the womb, extrauterine pregnancy get a gertilized egg outside the womb. There are many kinds of extrauterine: tubal pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, cervical pregnancy and so on. The result of tubal pregnancy is the break of fallopian tube or abortion into the abdominal cavity. Unstrainable bleeding and bellyache caused by that may lead to death. Prompt surgery is necessary in that case. Takin Fuyan Pill after the surgery can eliminate inflammation and dredge the fallopian tube in case of another infection.

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