Amazing Treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

How to cure pelvic inflammatory disease? After years study and research, Doc. Lee have successfully developed Fuyan Pill that can cure endometritis effectively.

Fuyan Pill can clear heat and toxic material, and kill bacteria, virus, tubercle bacillus, mycoplasma and chlamydia in three months, in order to cure pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), pelvic cavity spindylosis, hydrosalpinx and so on.

What is PID and how does it occur

The first part to be infected by mycoplasma and chlamydia is cercix uteri, and then cervicitis occurs. The infection would then spread to the pelvic cavity and lead to pelvic infection. Female pelvic cavity includes womb, fallopian tube, ovary, pelvic peritoneum and the connective tissue near the overy. The infection of those part is called pelvic inflammatory disease. The ovary is quite closed to the fallopian tube, so the infection of fallopian tube would cause ovaritis. As a result, fallopian tube infection combine with ovaritis, that is salpingo-ovaritis or we call it annexitis. Damage to the ovary can cause the menstrual disorder, ovulation failure, fallopian tube spindylosis and blockage, and infertility in the end. Meanwhile, salpingo-ovaritis often occurs with inflammation of connective tissue, pelvic peritonitis, chronic fallopian tube infection and so on. The reduplicated paroxysm of those chronic disease leads to pelvic congestion and connective tissue fiberillation. The conglutination of pelvic organs leads to the conglutination of fallopian tube, fallopian tube elevation, fallopian tube bend, conglutination of ovary, and even infertility.

Symptoms of PID

There would be a pain in low abdomen and the pain becomes severe in menstrual period and after tiredness. There is excessive vaginal fluid, pain in the waist, frequency of urinate, irregular menstruation, purulent vaginal fluid, smelly vaginal fluid, and infertility.

Principles of treatment of PID with Fuyan Pill

1. According to the tests of western medicine, we are aware that what pelvic congestion, fibrosis of connective tissue, adhesion of organs in the pelvic cavity. As patients have symptoms of pain in low abdomen and waist, and Fuyan Pill can clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and Qi, it can dredge blocked tubes and prevent from the fibrosis of connective tissue, eliminate adhesion of organs in the pelvic cavity and stop pain, in order to cure PID and infetility caused by PID.

2. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, one main symptom of gynecopathy is abnormal vaginal fluid, and it is caused by the weakness in the spleen and the detention of dampness and heat in the pelvic cavity. As we all know, Chinese yam, ginseng, and Chinese Angelica can promote Qi and they are all hematopoietic. As these herbal medicines are in the recipe of Fuyan Pill, it can promote blood circulation and Qi in order to clear away dampness and heat.

3. Because there would probably be a urethritis or cystitis and symptoms of irritation in the urethra, plantago seed in the recipe of Fuyan Pill is diuretic and can treat stranguria. Fuyan Pill can eliminate irritation in the urethra.

4. According to the tests of western medicine, there are gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia and many kinds of bacteria, virus and bacillus tubercle in the body of patients. There are some medicines in Fuyan Pill can kill bacteria, virus, gonococcus, bacillus tubercle and so on. Meanwhile, the medicines that can help prevent from infection of bacteria can help the treatment. After taking Fuyan Pill, tests of mycoplasma and chlamydia would be negative.

In a word, by means of promoting blood circulation and Qi, helping produce blood cells, clear away heat and toxic material, killing bacteria and virus and so on, Fuyan Pill can comprehensively cure PID and infertility caused by PID.


Diet restriction

No alcohol and chilli at all while taking the treatment. Chicken, fish, beef, shrim and seafood are not suggested as well. Eating lots of fresh vegetables, eggs and pork can be helpful. If patients do obey the restristion, the treatment would probably be extended.


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