Pelvic encapsulated effusion after operation should be properly treated

Gynecological diseases often bring many troubles for women. In recent years, with the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease increasing, the incidence of pelvic encapsulated effusion after operation also grasps most women’s attention. Faced with this situation, Wuhan Dr.lee reminds that pelvic encapsulated effusion after operation should be treated properly as soon as possible. 

Before we search the treatment, we should know what is the pelvic encapsulated effusion?
Pelvic encapsulated effusion caused by the not timely treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease or the injury of abdominal surgery. All this action lead to pelvic tissue lesions and it is common see after surgery. Considering the multiple of pelvic encapsulated effusion after gynecological surgery, many patients put some worries on the problem of how to treat pelvic encapsulated effusion. 
Actually, many patients choose to make a surgery when the pelvic encapsulated effusion after operation occur like the puncture and laparoscopic. However, there are certain drawbacks for surgery. For example, when people got the disease, there are many tissue adhesions. But laparoscopic can not solve the problem of adhesiolysis and cyst excision. Or even the surgery has been done, the injury is huge. 
In addition, pelvic encapsulated effusion is a chronic inflammatory disease. If the inflammation is completely eliminated, then even you successfully get the surgery, the recurrence possibility is high. 
In this case, many patients turn their eyes to traditional Chinese medicine. Recent years, Chinese medicine treatment has constantly being admired and praised. It stresses the overall efficacy and focus on overall conditioning. Based on yin and yang management, it starts from the internal organs and eliminates the causes of inflammation from the root. Compared with surgery, it can not only treat the symptoms, but also reduce the recurrence rate. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment to pelvic encapsulated effusion will be more secure.
What is the most proper TCM for pelvic encapsulated effusion? 
Wuhan Dr.lee recommends the pure herbal formulations Fuyan pill. Fuyan pills is a complete Chinese herbal formula, it is based on the ancient medicine. With the continuous improvement, Fuyan pill now is efficacy and completion. A variety of herbs in it on one hand strength the function of detoxification, sterilization and anti-inflammatory to eliminate pelvic inflammatory disease, on the other hand, its effects on anti-proliferative and anti-fibrotic are good.  
As the chronic inflammatory disease, pelvic encapsulated effusion brings much trouble on woman's health. Therefore, Dr.lee reminds the female friend, when you are infected with pelvic encapsulated effusion after gynecological surgery, except the careful selection of treatment, we should also pay attention to hygiene, try to avoid the dirty sex life and change underwear frequently are what we should always keep in mind.

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