Overview of Discharge Color of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to inflammation in the pelvic cavity. Therefore, common diseases like tubal adhesion, blocked fallopian tubes, salpingitis, belong to inflammatory disease.

Symptoms of this condition are various, mainly are lower abdominal pain, irregular menses, abnormal vaginal discharge, infertility and so on. The color of the vaginal discharge is the most concern part for women, because the color of the vaginal discharge is also the easiest part that they can observe and monitor.

Generally speaking, the color of pelvic inflammatory disease in women varies from people to people, based on the different pathogene and physique of women. But most of the color of the vaginal discharge is white or yellowish.

PID caused by trichomonas

Patients always have increased vaginal secretions. And this is often accompanied by itching in the vagina and vulva, and discomfort during sex and urination. The color of the discharge is always in frothy and yellow-green.

PID caused by bacteria

The color commonly is grayish-white. What’s more, the discharge is thin and the secretion always is with fishy smell

PID caused by chlamydia

The secretion is yellow in color, and always shows in watery type. Moreover, the amount is increased and has a foul smell.

PID caused by mycoplasma

The color of the vaginal discharge is as same as the discharge caused by chlamydia. But if there is a Tofe-like vaginal discharge, it might be also caused by colpitis mycotica.

The four mentioned are the most common discharge appearance of PID. Although the PID is harmful and the damage caused by this condition is irreversible, the PID is curable. As long as you have some symptoms that mentioned above, please take diagnosis and treatment immediately.

Acute PID can be cured by antibiotics, but the effect of antibiotics isn’t very good for chronic type, due to the drug resistance. Chronic type is more suitable to be cured by herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill, because the effect of fuyan pill will be as good as the first day.

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