Pelvic inflammatory disease could cause infertility! Women how to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease correctly?

The one of the annoying reasons of gynecopathy is implicated in women’s pregnant. It will stop women completing the desire of being mother; pelvic inflammatory disease is one reason of them. The expert points out, the chronic pelvic inflammation if not treated; it will cause tubal adhesion then lead to infertility.

Why does the pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility?
Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the female pelvic cavity reproductive organs and the surrounding connective tissue, including uterine inflammation, tubal ovarian inflammation, pelvic connective tissue inflammation and pelvic peritonitis, can break out one or several at the same time. It is one of the women's common diseases, can be divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.
The systemic symptom of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is not apparent. It can sometimes have low thermal, susceptible to fatigue, course of diseases for a long time. Chronic inflammation can format scar adhesion and pelvic congestion, which can cause abdominal pain and lumbar ache, often intensifying in the time of overworked, sexual intercourse and menstrual period. Because of pelvic blood stasis, patients can have profuse menstruation, ovarian function damage can have menstrual disorder, tubal adhesion blocked can cause infertility. 


How to prevent the occurrence of pelvic inflammation?
The occurrence of pelvic inflammation is bacteria or pathogens go along the lymphatic system and genital mucosa infects the cavity by the menstrual cycle, it is possible that celiac infection or other organs occurs infection and direct spread to the genital. Accordingly, it must cut off the route of transmission of pelvic inflammation if you want to prevent the happening of the pelvic inflammatory disease.


Pay attention to postpartum care.


Puerpera is frail after childbirth, the opening of the cervix will flow residual blood and failed to timely close, uterine cavity has the strip surface of placenta, canal injury during childbirth, fetal membrane residues, are likely to cause pelvic inflammation. In addition, beginning premature sexual life after childbirth, pathogens will also invade uterine cavity and cause infection. Spontaneous abortion, if vaginal bleeding time is too long in the process of medical abortion, or organized residues in the womb, or artificial abortion aseptic operation is not strict all can happen infection.


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