Herbal Medicine for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, is a condition when the reproductive organs of the females are infected, and the condition will happen when the bacteria get into the uterus via vagina or cervix. More than one million women in the United States get PID every yea. It's most common between ages 15 and 24.

pid natural treatment

There are many causes for the condition. The most common cause is the bacteria that cause chlamydia or gonorrhea, and less common causes are douching, surgery and so on. There are many things that may put you at a high risk of getting PID, and they are listed below.

-Have an STI
-Sexually active when younger than 25
-Have unprotected sex
-Have had PID in the past
-Douche your vagina
-Have more than one sexual partner
-Have a partner who has more than one sexual partner
-Have recently had an IUD inserted

Besides, PID can result in many unexpected complications. For example, repeated episodes of PID. This will happen if the infection is not cured completely in the beginning, and the main reason for the recurrent PID is the overusing of antibiotics which is not effective for the infection treatment in the long term.

Ectopic pregnancy is another common complication, and it is likely to occur when PID affects fallopian tubes, which will result in the scarring of the tubes. This will make it difficult for the fertilized egg to get to uterus, and finally the egg grows in the tubes.

As for the treatment, many females probably choose antibiotics as a method to cope with the condition, and the treatment is effective in the beginning. As time goes by, the medicine becomes less useful, and even completely useless. The reason is that antibiotics kill those weak bacteria and those strong bacteria survive. The surviving bacteria multiply, making it hard for the antibiotics to kill them.

As a consequence, antibiotics will lose its ability to kill the bacteria. This is what we call drug resistance, and it has become a worldwide concern.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to find an alternative medicine for pid cure without drug resistance. Fuyan pill consists of many herbs which are abstracted from nature, and it cures PID by following the rules of the body, since human body has great potential and we can cure ourselves.

On one hand, the medicine has an ability to kill the bacteria in the reproductive organs of the females, and this is what we call radical treatment. On the other hand, Fuyan Pill can strength the body’s immune system, which will help the human body resist the infection of the bacteria.



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