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GPS technology used in treating the endometriosis

Nowadays, specialists in the GPS committee have called for a group of debilitating women which have the possibility of infertility to make a survey. All the patients to be investigated have suspected of endometriosis, and the co-ordinated management of the condition could reduce delay.


In fact, the endometriosis is like the lining of the uterine in the ovaries and pelvis area, it is a non-cancerous growth of the abnormal tissue. On the other hand, It also can spread to the other part of the body with the immense pain.


Campaigners, a member of the BMA's Northern Ireland GPS committee, claimed that from the name list, above 2,000 women in Northern Ireland are suffering the treatment problems.


The serious situation in Northern Ireland who get endometriosis


Occasionally, patients are calling for quicker diagnoses, and require the doctor to have better education of the condition and changes and to know how medical services are delivered.


Actually, in Northern Ireland, one in ten childbearing age women have diagnosed with endometriosis and one in ten of those have the changes from moderate to severe form. The non-malignant growth can spread to the bowel, bladder, diaphragm or other parts of the body.


About GPS technology


Dr Frances O'Hagan, another representative of BMA, said: "GPS is a kind of new technology which used to deal with a variety of gynecologic diseases. Therefore, it can provide an excellence treatment of endometriosis patients, and it could possibly be welcomed."


She also said that even most of her colleagues have recognised the disease early, but they could not make the confirmation of it until surgery was carried out.


"GPS would cost little time for patients to have an investigation, so the patients can have the diagnosis and treatment appropriately as soon as possible as the symptom is a very painful condition in most cases" she added.


"We would also hope for a co-ordinated management of any new service, as a result, the independent sector will dramatically reduce."


The diagnosis and treatment


A spokesman of DHSSPS announced that the diagnosis of endometriosis can have a detrimental effect on woman's health and wellbeing.


"Endometriosis services are mainly provided in a primary care setting and the condition is usually managed by the prescription of painkillers, so the specialist input is urgent required. GPS will focus on the gynaecology service, and they can expect to be managed and treated on an individual basis according to the specialist's clinical judgment" he said.


Treatment plans involving gynaecologists, surgeons and urologists, as well as specialists in pain medicine, clinical psychology, specialist nurses and others are needed to deliver optimal care. And the effective of reducing distress give them the best possible chance of bearing children.


The GPS program


Another spokesman added: "The HSCB is satisfied that GPS give a new hope for the possibility of endometriosis groups and make a new pathway to the clinical treatment. GPS attend the regular education sessions. If it is necessary, sessions on endometriosis by GPS could also be put up with in this programme".

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