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Women Can't Swim in Two Conditions
In the hot summer, swimming is becoming the popular sport for women. However, Dr. Lee who has studied the traditional Chinese medicine about gynecology for more than 30 years says there are two conditions that women should keep away from swimming.
First, women have to avoid swimming when they infect the transmitted gynecological diseases such as chlamydia and PID. Due to the high stress from life and work, the irregular time of work and rest and the reducing immunity make the modern females infect gynecological diseases easily. However, they are often ignored because the early stage of infection isn't obvious.
If you have the symptoms of abnormal discharge that may have an odor, itching or burning in or around vagina, pain when urinating and having sex etc., swimming must be forbidden. Although the water in the swimming pool is sterilized, bacterial can't be removed thoroughly. Therefore, it may aggravate your infection in this condition.
The second condition is menstrual and ovulatory period. It is the big mistake that some women still go to swim in the menstrual period. Although vagina has the function of self-clean and natural defense, the immunity of women is becoming weak in the menstrual period. Therefore, when swimming in the unclean water, women are much easier to be infected by bacterial through vagina, which can cause gynecological diseases such as infection of fallopian tubes. The same condition will happen in the ovulatory period.
So it is necessary for women to cure those gynecological diseases before they go to swim, especially for transmitted diseases. Take chlamydia for example, as the sexual transmitted disease, chlamydia also can be infected by indirect contact, such as seats beside the pool, towels in the public, water in the pool. Once infected, the treatment should be taken immediately. On the contrary, if untreated, it will bring a series of serious consequence, such as blocked fallopian tubes, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, premature births and so on.
While women try to find the appropriate methods of curing chlamydia, the Chinese herbal medicine such as fuyan pill has been accepted by more and more patients because of its no side effects. Normally, chlamydia will be cured in about three months and never relapse.

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