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Attentions after Dilatation and curettage for endometrial hyperplasia

Endometrial hyperplasia is a common gynecological disease, which means endometrium excessively grows that maybe caused by inflammation, endocrine disorders or stimulation of some drugs. Generally, when diagnosed this disease, patients are suggested to take dilatation and curettage. After the surgery, there are some tips that patients need to pay attention to in the daily life.


First, after dilatation and curettage, there are some discomforts. Therefore, it is important for patients to have a good rest for some time. In the first few days, you'd better stay in bed; physical work and sports need to be avoided in the first half month. Otherwise, the time of vaginal bleeding will be prolonged.


Second, in order to regain the health as soon as possible, patients have to intake enough nutrition. So it is suggested that patients need to eat more food that is rich in protein and vitamin, such as the fresh fruit, vegetable, lean meat and so on.


Third, it is necessary for patients to keep an eye on the condition of bleeding. Generally speaking, after the surgery, there is the discharge with red or light red color in the vagina and it will lasts for about one week. If the time of vaginal bleeding lasts for more than a half month and the volume is more than the menstrual blood volume, with the symptoms of fever, abdominal pain and odor of discharge, patients have to make an exam in the hospital timely.


Last but not least, patients have to pay attentions to personal hygiene in the daily life after the surgery. At the same time, sexual intercourse is also forbidden. There are the effective ways to avoid infection again.


Besides, you can take the Chinese herbal medicine-fuyan pill after dilatation and curettage because it has the remarkable effect to clean inflammation. If the symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia are not severe, though cleaning inflammation and killing bacteria, fuyan pill can cure the disease at the bottom. Because this Chinese herbal medicine is made from more than 50 pure natural herbs, it isn't necessary for patients to worry about any side effect.


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