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Fertility Issues May Be Caused by Everyday Chemicals
According to the news, Therese Kerr who comes from American believes the beauty products she used to coat her body in are to blame for the bout of endometriosis she suffered when she was 30.
As the society is developing, more and more females have been confused by the problem of infertility. With reproductive problems on the rise, many are questioning the role of some of the chemicals we are exposed to.
Of 80,000-odd toxins available in America, for instance, only a handful has been tested. Yet they are found in everything from perfume to make-up and personal care products as well as in our food and food packaging. And many scientists need to face the query of all kinds of harms like infertility risk and other issues caused by various chemicals, genetics and other lifestyle factors.
A new review of the research has found that BPA, a chemical used in food and beverage packages to protect food from contamination, is "a reproductive toxicant" that can affect both men and women.  In a recent study, 80 per cent of the women tested positive for BPA in urine.
"We're incredibly difficult creatures to study, especially because we're looking at effects that may take a generation to show up," Patricia Hunt, a genetics professor at Washington State University, told New York Times last week.
This may be true, but for some people, such an answer is insufficient.
Although it is not the first exploration of the idea to appear in mainstream media and some people also recently looked at our chemical exposure through cosmetics, food and food packaging as well as ways to reduce it, but others deem such presentations of the issue as simplistic.
Therefore, Dr. Lee reminds that it is better for people to eat certified organic, use only organic body products and have even developed their own line of natural personal care products including toothpaste, deodorant and hand wash.
For those women like Therese Kerr who are confused by endometriosis, it is necessary for them to take the suitable treatment in time otherwise serious problems like infertility can be caused. For example, the Chinese herbal medicine fuyan pill, which is made from more than 50 kinds of herbs, can cure the disease once for all under the right instruction. Besides, difference from antibiotics that will come out resistance to drugs for long term usage, the pill hasn't any side effect.

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