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5 natural ways to help you get pregnant

It seems that pregnancy is a so simple thing that couple needn't to worry about it. However, it depends on many elements like your hormones, time and in some cases – luck. There are some ways to improve the rate of fertility for you and your partner.


Have a check-up


Before you take on pregnant project, it's always important to have check-ups to make sure if you or your partner has any long-standing health problems


Problems with your periods, such as them being too long, too short should be raised with your doctor who can check for a hormone imbalance. Also you may want to ask your parents to see if they had difficulty conceiving you or your siblings, as reproductive complications can be inherited.


Finally, you may want to note if either you or your partner have ever contracted chlamydia. This is a sexually transmitted disease which can lead to infertility if left untreated.


Track your cycles


If you have the plan of pregnancy, knowing when you are most fertile is very important. Because this can help you make your efforts to get pregnant more effective. 


Knowing how long your cycle is and which day you ovulate allows you to locate the small window in which you are most likely to have an egg waiting for your partner's sperm.


Have sex at peak fertility


Sperm can survive for a maximum of five days after they have been ejaculated and the egg can live in the female reproductive tract for about 36 hours. Therefore, to maximize your chances, it is best to have sex in each of the five days leading up to your day of ovulation. 


This increases your chances of becoming pregnant as you will have built up a good stock of viable sperm that are already close to the egg as they have had time to swim to the site of fertilization.


Look for fertility signs


There are two main ways to monitor your natural fertility signs. First, Your basal body temperature i can rise and fall throughout the stages of your cycle. It will usually go up on the day of ovulation and maintain until the next period.


Second, monitoring your cervical discharge can be a good way of monitoring your cycle. Noting its consistency and color can provide a helpful indication to whether you are ovulating or not. 


Invest in a test


The luteinizing hormone (LH) indicates impending ovulation. You can use ovulation kits that can be bought from any chemist, some supermarkets or online to test your urine for hormone levels.


• If your periods are 26 days apart, it's a good idea to start testing on the ninth day after the start of menstruation.

• If your periods are 27 days apart, you should start testing on the 10th day after menstruation starts.

• If your periods are 28 days apart, start testing on the 11th day after the start of menstruation. 


Besides, it is also better for couple who have the plan of pregnancy to take folic acid, eat heathy, try to relax, avoid smoking and keep a healthy weight. 


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