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Women's health care: How to protect your uterus

As an important part of reproductive organs, uterus is most likely to cause gynecological diseases like endometriosis and adenomyosis. Without timely treatment, it is possible to lead to infertility for females. Therefore, there are some tips on protecting uterus that females need to know in the daily life.


1.Avoid abortion. According to the research, women who experienced abortion more than three times have the higher rate of suffering from uterus diseases like intrauterine adhesion and cervicitis than other women. 


2.Pay attention to your sexual life. On the one hand, you'd better keep far away from sexual indulgence. Uterus is easy to be infected if you have too many sexual partners. On the other hand, unhealthy intercourse can bring pathogen into uterus that may cause infection of endometrium like endometriosis


3.Have a good rest after delivery. It is better for you to have a good rest after delivery till your uterus returns to normal. If you are used to squatting and doing heavy work which can increase abdominal stress, it is probable for your uterus to displace along with vagina.


4.Do not eat too much fatty food. Fatty food can promote some hormones' growth and release that would cause the disorder of estrogen. Thus uterus can be damaged by estrogen disorder. So it is a good idea for females to eat low-fat food and drink more water. Besides, you have to avoid spicy food, alcohol and cold drink.


5.Watch out for your menstruation and discharge. If you find the abnormal situations like too much discharge with odor and abnormal bleeding during period, you need to see a doctor and do some related examinations.


When you doubt there are some problems about your uterus, you'd better go to the hospital and do the related examinations. Once diagnosed as uterus diseases like endometriosis and endometrisis, you must take suitable treatment timely under your doctor's guide. As more and more patients with endometriosis and adenomyosis have been cured by the Chinese herbal medicine-Fuyan Pill, it is suggested to take this pure natural pill to get a cure once and for all.



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