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WTO appeals abstinence to Ebola survivals for Ebola can survive in semen for 82 days

 According to a report released on 30th May, the Liberia government worries that the latest Ebola victim might affect the Ebola via sexual intercourse. Hence, the government appeals Ebola survivals to avoid sexual intercourse for three months after curing or do a better protection while having sex.


Based on the report from Taiwan, released on 29th may, effect was done by the Liberia government for around one year got absolutely creamed. In the early of this month, several victims were reported having the Ebola. Among them, one female who is 44-year old was died on 27th.


Some evidences show that the possible infection method of this woman is sexual intercourse, Tolbert Nyenswah says, the vice-minister of WTO who is in charge of the Eblola coping with team in Liberia.


Some researches show that the Ebola virus can still be found in Survivors’ semen for at least 82 days after curing, which means even the Ebola survivors are cured totally, and they can still be carriers for a long time.


For now, no evidences show that these Ebola in the semen is contagious. However, for the purpose of prevention, the WTO recommends the survivors to avoid sex for at least 90 days or take a protected sex.


According to Tolbert Nyenswah, “the Ebola survivors should also continue to use the condom correctly even after the three months until more information was proved or released.”


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