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Xinhuanet: Child death, a concern in Kenya

 It is reported by Xinhuanet that KISUMU, Kenya, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Mary Anyango, a resident of Kisumu in Western Kenya lost her baby two weeks ago due to prolonged labor pains and other pregnancy-related complications. It is such terrible news for every couple.

 So everyone should know some tips on giving birth to a healthy baby to prevent such an event. The key point of optimal pregnant is the preparation before getting pregnancy, which is always ignored. The advantages of proper preparation before childbirth will be reflected to children’s future absolutely.


1.      Avoid getting married and getting pregnancy with one who suffers the same disease with you.

It is very unhealthy to fall in love and get married with one who suffers the same disease with you. On the point of birth, the disease that the couples have at the same time can be easily passed on to the baby. It will affect child’s health seriously.


2.      Avoid evolving in inbreeding

Inbreeding can lead to fetal abnormalities, the mental decline and other congenital diseases, which is proved by science already.


3.      Avoid not having medical examination before getting pregnancy

It is one of the obligatory procedures for each couple to have medical examination. It is also the basis to have a happy marriage in the future.


4.      Avoid lack of necessary knowledge to fertility.

There are many new couples that may not get pregnant due to lack of knowledge to infertility after several years of marriage. This will lead to unharmonious family.


5.      Avoid older pregnancy

For females, the best age to get pregnant should be between 25 to 30 years old. It will also affect the child's health and intelligence if one gets pregnant at more than 35 years old.


6.      Avoid drug abuse in pregnancy period.

It will directly affect the development of the fetus if one has drug abuse during pregnancy, which will cause premature childbirth, miscarriage or stillbirth, etc. You should take drugs under the guidance of doctors if necessary.


7.      Avoid bacterial infection during pregnancy

Bacterial infection will not only affect the mother’s health, but also be passed on to the fetus. For example, if the mother gets Chlamydia during pregnancy, this infection can be passed on to the newborn baby.


8.      Avoid sexual incontinence during pregnancy

Pregnancy period is so important for each female. The couple should practice sexual abstinence during this period, especially at the first 3 months and the last 3 months of pregnancy, or it may lead to abortion or premature birth.


9.      Avoid excessive fatigue

Excessive fatigue may lead to lack of nutrient for the fetus which is unhealthy to the fetus.


10.  Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol may lead to malformation of the fetus.


11.  Avoid contacting some toxic things.

It may also lead to malformation of the fetus if a pregnant woman contacting excessive toxic and chemistry things, like pesticide, lead, X-ray, etc. It may also cause some diseases like malignant tumor.


Hope everyone can remember the tips listed above and give birth to a healthy and cute baby as you wish! Just action now and wait for the birth of your baby with an optimistic attitude.

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