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A Combination of IVF and Endometriosis has been discovered by Mel Greig, More Terrifying than Sharknado

 According to a new discovery made by Mel Greig, there’s a worse combination between IVF and endometriosis than Sharknado-It’s called “IVFriosis”. As we all know, Sharknado is the combination of sharks and tornadoes. Just like Sharknado, IVFriosis will also cause a lot of destruction in females. This discovery has aroused much attention by publics.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) leaves a hormonal path of destruction in its wake. Endometriosis refers to the abnormal growth of endometrial tissues outside of the uterine cavity. It is most common among women in their reproductive years and seems to be hereditary. For those who may not know what endometriosis is, it is a condition women suffer from which is the result of tissue growing outside the womb instead of inside.
When a woman has endometriosis and IVF together, it’s just like putting petrol on a fire, giving a plant fertiliser, poking the bear, adding heat to popcorn and watching it grow, said Mel Greig. 
Fertility problems will appear in lots of endometriosis sufferers. Consequently, IVF becomes the saving grace for those sufferers accordingly. However, a disaster of IVFriosis has been discovered that it is going to be the best and potentially worst thing for patients.
Mel Greig announced, “IVF and endo are not friends in my eyes. I recently went through my first IVF cycle which was to increase my hormone levels to help generate eggs for my first extraction. I injected myself with hormones, basically like pumping my endo with steroids. It flared it up and turned it into a big angry monster.”
Thus, IVF is not the back way for endometriosis sufferers. It’s better to cure endometriosis firstly and then get pregnant naturally to have your own baby. The treatments include antibiotics, laparascopy, herbal medicine, etc. However, antibiotics can’t relieve all the symptoms caused by endometriosis and laparascopy can cause physical damage to some extent, which has been confirmed by lots of clinical cases. So the best treatment may be herbal medicine, like Fuyan Pill which is made from Chinese herbs without any side effects and drug resistance.
Except for medication, lifestyle changes are also of great significance. Try to keep exercising on a daily basis, like running, walking, swimming, yoga, etc. Exercise can prompt your brain to release endorphins, like serotonin, which make you feel good. Besides, it strengthens and tones your muscles and helps you maintain a healthy weight. It’s also suggested to reduce intake of efined carbohydrates and processed sugars, because some endometriosis symptoms, like ausea, bloating and fatigue, can be improved by this procedure.

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