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Very Painful During Menstrual Period? That Can Be Caused by Endometriosis

A young lady is 24 years old, she is very beautiful and does a great job in her company, less than two years, and she is the supervisor already. But even though she is successful in career, there is a thing troubles her in personal life. Every woman has a not convenient time every month, that is the menstrual period. But every time when the young lady experiences her period, she feels too painful and it can be a disaster to her, it can be so painful that she rolls on the bed as if she were cutting into pieces by thousands of knives! So every time she suffers a lot during the period, when she needs to work, she takes some painkillers and acts as if she were not painful. Finally she goes to a hospital companied by her boyfriend after taking his suggestion, and the doctor tells her that endometriosis is the chief culprit of the problem! So if you feel very painful during menstrual period, that can be caused by endomeriosis.

For women around 30-40, endometriosis is a prevalent and common disease. For women of reproductive age, the incidence of it is 10%, in all the gynecological operations, it accounts for 8 %-30%. 80%of the patients have obvious dysmenorrhea , 50% of the patients are infecund. Endometriosis is one of the most difficult diseases for women and influences young and middle-aged women in health and the life quality seriously.

How to cure endometriosis? One treatment is conservative treatment. Often tamoxifen, nemestran and provera are used to stop the coming of menstrual period and cause false pregnancy. But these drugs have serious side effects and are harmful to liver and kidney. Surgery is another treatment. But after surgery, endometriosis can occur again in the future, let alone wound left by the surgery. Compared with the first and second treatment, the third one is the best, it is Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM. It is totally safe and green like food we eat, has no side effect, will not cause wound, it can cure endometriosis within several months and you will not get it again.

Of course there are some tips for you to obey once choosing Fuyan Pill.
1. Pay attention to gynecological hygiene, don't conceive before getting married, avoid sex during menstruation.
2. Control and adjust your mood, always be optimistic, keep warm, be careful of personal hygiene during menstruation, or it will cause the change of your endocrine, it is better to let immune system work well.
3. No intense sport or hard physical labour.

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