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Which are the behaviors of probably hurting the uterus?

The uterus is the cradle of life. To be able to protect the uterus from harm, we must understand which action will hurt our uterus.The behavior of probably hurting the uterus:

1.Cesarean operation
The advantages of cesarean operation is to avoid the pain of natural childbirth. But it becomes undesirable to the maternal complications and sequelae. Cesarean operation can only be limited to the remedial operation for pathological factors of maternal and infant. Cesarean operation can bring a lot of risk at the same time, it can harm to the mother and the fetus. Therefore, it should especially careful in choosing.

2. Abortion
Short-term repeated abortion is one of the important factors leads to injury of the uterus. Doctors usually could not see the cavity when doing an artificial surgery; it is a "blind" operation. There are a few for preoperative did not find out the womb position, size, and the surgical instruments insert the uterus directly, so causing uterine injury even perforation. Then will be uterine cavity adhesion or intrauterine infection, leading to secondary infertility.



3. Many times of pregnancy

Some married women who gave birth to a daughter, want to give birth to a son for life regeneration. We must know that every pregnancy, the uterus will increase once risk. Women who in pregnancy more than 3 times, the incidence of uterus will be remarkable increase.


4. Pregnant women difficult in delivery or using excessive oxytocin

Uterine body or lower uterine segment during pregnancy occur ruptures known as uterine rupture. Uterine rupture is one of the severe obstetric complications. It often leads to mother and fetus’ death. It is because of the abnormal position of the fetus.


Women should check uterus regularly and treat disease early. Checking the symptoms of genital part every six months or one year is good for our health. Don’t be shy to avoid doctor’s questions; you should truthfully answer the doctors. People say the uterus is a turbulent place, is the birthplace of department of gynaecology. It must be treated thoroughly once found diseases, don’t ignore them.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and rich content.
Fuyan pill is effective in treating gynecological inflammation; it can improve the local blood flow and regulate the body organ function. It helps to protect the function of the uterus.



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