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New Study Suggests That DNA May Influence Your Reproductive Decisions

A new study suggests that your DNA may influence how old you are when you have your first baby and how many babies you're going to have, it's more than just personal choice. The international team of more than 250 scientists who released the news also said it has identified 12 areas of DNA associated with age of first childbirth and total family size. In other words, the genetics may play a role in reproductive behavior along with social circumstances, personal choices and environmental factors etc.


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Nickola Barban is the study first author of Oxford University in England, in a university news release, he said that our genes don't determine our behavior, however it can influence our behavior according to their findings. Additionally, based on the analysis of data from more than 568,000 men and women which was published Oct. 31 in the journal Nature Genetics, the study lead author and professor of sociology at Oxford Melinda Mills said this is the first time we know where to find the DNA areas linked to reproductive behavior. One day it may be possible for doctors to treat our reproductive issues by using this information.What's more, the researchers also found that DNA variants linked with age of first childbirth are also associated with other areas of reproduction, such as the age when girls have their first period, when a boy's voice breaks, and when women have menopause. In some ways, it can be used to predict the probability of women remaining childless. The study authors also said some of our genes were already known to play a role in infertility.

Except the genes factor, actually, most infertility are associated with reproductive diseases such as adenomyosis endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, tubal blockage , fallopian tube obstruction, fimbrial block, endometrial thickening, endometrial hyperplasia, pelvic fluids,pid,chlamydia etc. If left these diseases untreated, they can cause serious complications which can lead to damage of the fallopian tubes or even cause infertility. Surgery is not the only solution to treat women's reproductive system diseases, Fuyan Pill is a traditional herbal therapy, which can effectively treat women's reproductive diseases and increase your chances of conception even after years of trying.




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