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NPS MedicineWise indicates that antibiotic resistance is worsening now

As we all know, thousands of women are suffering from the diseases like infertility, endometriosis and other diseases. And many females would choose antibiotics which would actually help them relieve the pain and help them cure the infection. However, is it really good if one use the medicine too much?

It is reported that antibiotic resistance cases are increasing all over the world, because an increasing number people abusing the antibiotics like penicillins, says the global Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November 2016).
A new article from NPS MedicineWise (to be published Monday 14 November) describes how penicillins continue to be the most commonly-prescribed group of antibiotics in Australia, however, recent Australian data has suggested their ability to work against certain bacteria may be at risk. To date, an increasing rates of resistance being reported to many commonly-used antibiotics.
NPS MedicineWise medical adviser Dr Andrew Boyden says that antibiotic resistance occurs when the bacteria transform to protect themselves from being killed. When this happens, antibiotics which previously would have eradicated the bacteria or stopped them from generating, will no longer work.
We have now accepted the fact that we take antibiotics if we are sick, and that will develop into drug resistant and make it less useful for health. Under such circumstances, what should one do to cure their diseases? After years of research, Dr. Lee have a new method which is made up with various kinds of hers that is very helpful for the body. Fuyan pill is a traditional Chinese Medicine which is very valuable for the diseases like endometriosis or PID,etc.
Why is fuyan pill working for the diseases? Fuyan pill consists of many herbs which are quite helpful for the disease. When they work together, the function will thus enhance.  At the same time, compared with other treatment, Fuyan pill has great effect on the body without any damage or producing other complications with the traditional Chinese Medicine.And fuyan pill can not only relieve the pain but also is good for the circulation. Fuyan pill gains a powerful ability to kill all kinds of bacteria within just 3 months, and make the females healthier. The diseases fuyan pill can cure in females include endometriosis, PID, chlamydia, pelvic pain ,and fallopian tubes problems which is a leading cause for infertility.


drug resistance

Fuyan pill has a powerful ability to kill every kind of bacteria in the urinary tract of the females without any side-effects, and there will be no drug resistance. It is a natural way to cure the disease, thus it is very safe for the women who use it. Just like a woman from India says, ‘I should have tried the medicine earlier, and I have tried so many medicines but they all are useless. Within just 3 months, I recovered from STD which has bothered me for a very long time ’
It is true that it will be helpful, and there are so many women who benefited from the medicine. As the antibiotics are no longer as useful as they used to be because of drug resistance, fuyan pill is a great option for those tortured by diseases like STD, endometriosis and some other diseases like that. 


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