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Kim Kardashian Is Suffering From Endometriosis and Natural Treatment for the Disease

It has been reported by Radar Online that Kim Kardashian is suffering from endometriosis, which can lead to the issue of serious pain, infertility, or some other symptoms. “Her body is overdosing on plastic,” says Kevin Smith. From his statement we can see endometriosis has a great impact on her life. 


HollywoodLife.com has spoken with Dr. Jhansi Reddy and Dr. Bruce Lee regarding endometriosis, the mysterious illness that Kim Kardashian allegedly suffers from. The disease affects more than 176 million women in the world and one in ten is in the United States and affects females in spite of their social status or their economic conditions.


Endometriosis is a condition that the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. The abnormal can be found in vagina, cervix, ovary or any parts of the reproductive organs of the females. The tissue acts like the normal endometrium. It builds up with the period but it cannot be shed by the body. In this process, the tissue will cause inflammation and irritation to the body.

TCM has its unique view on the disease and expert has developed an effective medicine for endometriosis treatment.

The experts of the TCM believe that the liver and the uterus have a close relationship. The liver is very important for the body because it contains vital energy of the body and maintains patency or free flow of qi which is thought to be the an important substance to move the blood. The channels (aka Meridian in Chinese) of the kidney, liver run through the pelvis and thus have a great influence on the menstruation. For example, if a woman undergoes great stress, then it is possible that she will develop the stasis of the qi, which may lead to endometriosis.

Fuyan pill is a kind of medicine specializes in endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, the fallopian tube blockage and adhesion, adenomyosis, chlamydia infection and some other common female diseases. The medicine has a function to keep the qi run well and this promotes the circulation of the blood, protect the liver and some other important female organs. Because of this, the medicine has the function of relieving the inflammation and detoxification, helping for the circulation of the blood, anti-fibrosis and so on. Fuyan pill can cure endometriosis without causing any side-effects, because it follows the regulation of the body and keep the qi of the body function well.

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