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FoxNews Reporter Infertile from Endometriosis: How to Treat Naturally?

A few days ago, Fox News reporter Diana Falzone is discussing her storying about how the endometriosis left her infertile. Falzone writes on FoxNews site that her heart raced and legs shook when doctor told she about the diseases. When hit with the news that she is infertile, she could not stop crying. Actually, many celebrities including Padma Lakshmi, Lena Dunham and Tia Mowry are suffering from the disease. Endometriosis is a very common gynecological disease. The endometrial cells are supposed to grow in the uterine cavity. But because the pelvic cavity is linked with the uterine cavity by the fallopian tubes, the endometrial cells may get into the pelvic cavity and stay to grow there, which is not the normal case. Thus endometriosis is caused. This is the generally accepted theory of the mechanism of endometriosis among many other theories.

diana-falzone-endometriosis natural treatment

Endometriosis in most cases develops in women of reproductive age. Young girls before the adolescence do not suffer from this disease. And for the postmenopausal women, the estopic nidus already there will gradually atrophy and degrade. The main pathological changes of endometriosis include the periodic bleeding of the ectopic endometrium and the fibrosis of its surrounding tissues, which cause the formation of ectopic nodules. The major symptoms of endometriosis are abnormal menstrual period, dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, and infertility. All these matters can be very troublesome, especially the last one. So it is of vital importance to prevent and treat endomentriosis timely and properly.

How to prevent endomentriosis:
Marriage and production at the right age
For women with dysmenorrhea, it is better to get married and deliver a little earlier.

Medical contraception
For married women who already have child and have no intention to have more children, if suffering from dynmenorrhea, oral contraceptive is suggested to be used to  prevent pregnancy and reduce the occurrence of endomentriosis.

Preventing the reflux of the menstrual blood
During the menstrual period, any kind of fierce sports and heavy physical labor is banned. And there should be no sexual life.

Preventing the occurrence of the iatrogenic endomentriosis
Attention should be paid to the wound caused by caesarean operation, avoiding that the endometrium might be brought onto the wound and grow there. During the abortion operation, the negative pressure must not drop suddenly, in case the endomentrium reflux into the pelvic cavity. Fallopian tube ventilation operation, the uterine oviduct imaging should be done after three to seven days of the menstrual period.

How to cure endometriosis naturally?
Those above are the preventive measures of the occurrence of endomentriosis. However, if very unfortunately, you got endomentriosis, appropriate treatment should be taken in time. Then fuyan pill will be a really good choice for you since it has already shown great effect in the treating of endomentriosis. It is a kind of natural herbal medicine which is very safe with no side effects. Many patients choose to cure endometriosis with surgery, but many of them don't know that surgery may cause secondary inflammation, so endometriosis is easy to relapse. Consist of more than 50 natural herbs, fuyan pill works to eliminate inflammation and cure the disease from its root. Normally endometriosis can be cure in about 3-6 months.


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