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Marijuana Edibles Cause Harm to Children

Candies, brownies and cupcakes containing marijuana impair children’s health, a research group of U.S. pediatricians reports. Many kids easily become addictive because of their irresistible looks, but parents should pay attention to them and keep these temptations away from their children’s reach.



Although medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has been legally approved by many U.S states, it still causes long-term harm to people’s physical and mental condition. With edible forms becoming a more and more popular alternative to smoking pot, many children before puberty might suffer from the influence passed down from their parents.


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive ingredient which can make you feel high) contained in one candy bar or pot cookie is several times higher than recommended level for adults. Some people may have doubts about whether THC will be absorbed if consumed through mouth. In fact, marijuana can be brewed into beverages, mixed into food, or inhaled with a vaporizer. No matter which way you choose, it will get into your bloodstream and eventually affects your immune and nervous system. The only difference is only about time.


Even taking one of these candy bar or pot cookie will cause THC overdose effects such as dizziness, shallow breathing, dry mouth, red eye and dilated pupils and slowed reaction time. If you are under marijuana influence while driving, the risk of car accidents would increase more than double. In addition, THC can lower your blood pressure, affect blood sugar, and cause serious damage to cardiovascular health. That is the reason why many people suffer from heart attack right after the use of marijuana. As for children under 13, these edibles would result in both physical and emotional side effects. They are more likely to develop mental disorder such as paranoia, depression and anxiety.


U.S. pediatricians made some suggestions about how to keep your kids away from marijuana-enhanced edibles.


If there is any pot product in your house, store them locked or any place out- of -reach. Put them where to store toxic products or medications. Keep their original containers and clearly label them. 


Never have these products in front of your kids, either for recreational or medical use. Children are prone to follow adults’ bad behavior, this would pose a potential threat to the safe environment in your family.


Put marijuana edibles back right after using them. The guideline is to take out any possibility for your children to reach them.


Make sure anyone under the influence of marijuana stay away from your kids. No matter if they are friends, family members or care givers—they must follow the rules if they get access to your kids. 


If you found your kids incautiously have a marijuana product, call poison control hotline--1-800-222-1222 right away. If they have severe reactions, call 911 or take to the nearest hospital immediately.


Explain the endangerment to teenagers, tell them do not get in a car with a driver who is under the influence of marijuana, either to drive themselves during the influence of the drug. 


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