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What Should One Do if Ovarian Cyst is Found in Physical Examination

Ovarian cyst is one of the most common ovarian diseases in women, many women find themselves suffering from ovarian cyst during physical examination or consultation. Generally speaking, ovarian cysts are mostly benign, most of them will disappear by themselves, but we still can not be careless, regular consultaion and reexamination is needed after the discovery of ovarian cysts.


What is ovarian cyst? Ovarian cyst refers to the formation of cystic masses in the ovary, which can be divided into two categories: neoplastic and non-neoplastic, normally ovarian cysts are referred to be non-neoplastic ones. The harm of ovarian cyst is very serious, if patients are under treatment positively, the condition can be cured. So, what causes ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cyst is mainly caused by the long-term unhealthy diet, poor living habits, psychological pressure and other factors resulting in excessive acidification of the body, resulting in ovarian diseases, endocrine disorders and decline of immune function, thus developing into abnormal ovarian tissue proliferation, eventually leading to ovarian cysts, and even become canceration. Therefore, patients with ovarian cysts should be treated in time.
Ovarian cysts include many types. In general, it is wrong that ovarian cysts can lead to fertility decline, but some types of cysts do affect ovulation, destroy pelvic anatomy and affect the immune status of the body, resulting in infertility. The harm that ovarian cyst brings is so severe, so how should we treat ovarian cyst?
The treatment of ovarian cyst depends on many factors, including the age of the patient, whether the symptoms are malignant or not, the location, size, growth rate of the cyst, the deformation of the uterine appendages, whether the reproductive function is retained and the subjective desire of the patient and so on.
The treatment of ovarian cysts is basically divided into conservative therapy and surgical therapy. Patients had better not be treated surgically until they really have to, once the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus were removed, the physical and mental health of women were affected to varying degrees. 
Pathological ovarian cysts often require surgical treatment. For women who want to continue to have children, doctors usually take fertility preservation as the primary position, preferring to do the removal of ovarian cysts on the affected side, and try to preserve normal ovarian tissue. However, due to the presence of the environment which ovarian cysts has formed, the ovarian cysts will regenerate after surgery, the recurrence of ovarian cysts is not uncommon.
Patients with mild conditions usually tend to be treated conservatively, Fuyan Pill with better curative effect can be used, since it has the effects of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting Qi and relieving pain.

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