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A New App Is Invented for Contraception: What Do You Think?

How many apps do you have on your phone? Have you ever heard of the APP for contraception? Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a contraceptive APP rarely. They think the APP can be used as an effective contraceptive method and sold on the market. Yes, you are not mistaken. You can also use this APP for contraception.



It is understood that this APP is to calculate the ovulation period to help women avoid getting pregnant. It works by letting women record their body temperature in the morning. The female body temperature fluctuates typically before and after ovulation. This APP can record changes in the corresponding menstrual cycle. With this data, women can predict their ovulation time. Even more surprising, the contraceptive failure rate of women using the APP was only 1.8%.


Calculating ovulation and ejaculating in vitro seems to be the most unsafe and accurate method for gynecologists and obstetricians. Ovulation can be affected by many factors, such as mood or working environment, over time, staying up late, and so on. These factors will lead to changes in the ovulation period. Menstrual disorder is actually the disorder of ovulation. 


For example, the stress of work or staying up late on business, high mental pressure, or great joy or sorrow, all of these things will lead to menstrual disorders, that is, ovulation disorders. In this case, using APP for contraception is very unreliable. Among many contraceptive methods, the most effective contraceptive method is tubal or vasectomy that is female or male ligation. 



The short-acting oral contraceptives are also recommended both domestically and internationally. Another way is to place a contraceptive ring, which is also a good way of contraception. However, it should be noted that the foreign body effect of IUD can cause complications such as endometritis, thus affecting the implantation of fertilized eggs. Female patients can be treated with Fuyan Pill, a safe herbal medicine, to avoid more severe infections and inflammation. What's worse, some contraceptives may even cause significant damage to sperm and embryos.


In addition, people can also choose condoms for contraception. It is noted that condoms must be used before ejaculation, that is before the penis enters the vagina. Some people may feel uncomfortable, so they will use it only when they are about to ejaculate. That's not right. Extracorporeal ejaculation is the most unsafe form of contraception. Because before ejaculation, in fact, there will be a small amount of semen out, which can lead to pregnancy.



However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, there are still many methods of contraception today, and there will be more new methods of contraception in the future, so it is necessary to use contraceptive methods flexibly according to specific circumstances.

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