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It Is Found that Salpingectomy Can Prevent Ovarian Cancer
On May 14, 2013, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie announced that through the detection of breast cancer susceptibility gene, she inherited the mutated BRCA1 cancer susceptibility gene from her mother, with a high risk of breast cancer of 87%. Her mother died prematurely from ovarian cancer. 
In order to prevent breast cancer, Jolie had a preventive bilateral mastectomy, which reduced her risk of breast cancer from 87% to 5%. In 2015, at the suggestion of doctors, she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. In other words, for two years, in order to prevent cancer, Julie has removed three organs: breast, fallopian tube, and ovary.
Salpingectomy may help prevent ovarian cancer, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology's Committee of Obstetrics and Gynecology said. This opinion was published in the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal in January 2015. The statement pointed out that compared with hysterectomy only or salpingectomy, panhysterectomy with simultaneous tubal ligation seems to be safer and without complications.
Women who choose routine pelvic surgery should have the right to informed consent when consulting about the risks and benefits of salpingectomy. The Committee's opinion defines the public risk of ovarian cancer; that is, the genetic risk is not increased but may be subject to routine pelvic surgery for benign diseases.
The Committee put forward the following recommendations:
For women at the general risk of ovarian cancer, surgeons should inform them of the potential benefits of salpingectomy;
For women considering laparoscopic sterilization, doctors should inform patients that bilateral salpingectomy can provide an effective contraceptive method, and point out that no fallopian tube recanalization can be performed after this operation;
Preventive salpingectomy can prevent ovarian cancer in some patients;
The role of salpingectomy in reducing ovarian cancer should be further confirmed by more randomized controlled trials.
The Committee urged doctors to continue using minimally invasive surgery. At present, the possible benefits of a salpingectomy can not affect the technical decision of hysterectomy and ligation. For example, the Committee recommends that doctors do not need to use laparoscopy for simple salpingectomy.
Based on the current view of ovarian cancer, the Committee believes that salpingectomy without intact ovaries may be more effective than oophorectomy and bilateral salpingectomy, which may lead to increased risk of early menopause and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, and all-cause and cancer-related death.
The fallopian tube does not play an important role in women without fertility requirements, but the ovaries play an important role in women's estrogen secretion. But now many patients with blocked fallopian tubes(tubal blockage) will choose salpingostomy and IVF for treatment, but in fact, the salpingitis that causes blocked fallopian tubes can be completely treated by herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. 
In addition, it can help the patients keep a balance in Qi and blood circulation, and enhance immunity and resistance of patients, so as to achieve the effect of treating both the causes and preventing its recurrence. 

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