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Donkey-hide Gelatin For Female Health, Things You Should Know

Donkey-hide gelatin is a common food, which can be said to be a beauty weapon for women. Although donkey-hide gelatin is good for female health, it is not suitable for all women. There are some things you should be conscious of.


What is the effect of donkey-hide gelatin?
1. Enrich the blood
Donkey-hide gelatin can promote the growth rate of hemoglobin and red blood cells, and effectively improve the whiteness, sallow complexion, vertigo, palpitation and other symptoms of blood deficiency constitution in places like lips, nails, eyelids, etc.
2. Stop bleeding
It is able to treat hemoptysis, hematemesis, blood in urine, hematochezia, pregnancy bleeding and other bleeding problems.
3. Nourishing yin and moistening dryness
When the weather turns dry, people are easy to suffer from respiratory diseases, such as cough and so on. You can use donkey-hide gelatin to nourish the body fluid in the lungs to cure cough.  
4. Maintain beauty and keep young
The effect of donkey-hide gelatin is very overt in moisturizing skin so that it has been regarded as the best beauty product for women throughout the ages. After taking the donkey-hide gelatin, it can make the face ruddy, delicate and shiny.
It is good but not good for all. When you are in troubles like the following ones, the donkey-hide gelatin may be not applicable to you.
1. When you get inflamed
When you get inflamed in heart, lung, liver and even in private parts, the donkey-hide gelatin should be avoided since it can fire up the inflamed situations to make things worse.
2. When you have heavy damp evil
The damp evil is manifested as being thirsty, bitter and sticky, fatigue, dizziness, or confusion, distended stomach and poor defecation. For female friends with those problems, the donkey-hide gelatin can not lend itself to the body maintenance.
3. When you get hurt
The donkey-hide gelatin has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which will affect the wound healing. Therefore, women with body wounds cannot eat donkey-hide gelatin 
4. When you catch a cold
When you catch a cold, you should avoid donkey-hide gelatin since it can make the situation worse. In this regard, you can take regular medicine to get you healed quickly and pay attention to rest.
5. When you get your period
Nursing work during the menstruation is important. The donkey-hide gelatin is to enrich the blood so that it may enhance the menstrual volume. So you should eat the stuff after menstrual cleanness. Further, the menstrual hygiene is important, if you get infected to the poor personal hygiene, you can take the Fuyan Pill to get a cure.
6. When you suffer from stroke
The donkey-hide gelatin can increases the number of platelets, while the stroke is commonly related to to the blood stasis. Excessive blood can cause the stroke for a second time. So females with stroke should avoid it.

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