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The Benefits Of Feet-soaking In Warm Water During The Menstruation

Soaking feet in warm water is a way of keeping in good health. Many women have the habit of soaking feet daily. But it is also well known that women have to be very careful about eating or exercising during their menstrual period, otherwise it may cause discomfort during their period.

In this regard, women may ask whether they can soak feet in warm water during the menstruation? Surely, they can, and there are some benefits of feet-soaking.

1. Relieve fatigue

When women come to menstruation, due to a lot of blood loss, so they will be easy to have fatigue, and often suffer from back pain. At this time, women can promote blood circulation by using warm water to soak feet, so that all parts of the body have faster access to blood and oxygen nourishment. It can help you better metabolize the waste and discharge body interior stuff, to eliminate fatigue and reduce pressure.

2. Relieve painful menstruation

A lot of women have dysmenorrhea, aka painful menstruation, but different people have different levels of pain. Among them, a kind of dysmenorrhea is because of the body's cold. The pain comes every time the menstruation occurs, often accompanied by blood clots and so on. If that's the case, soak your feet appropriately. Because this kind of dysmenorrhea is because the menstrual blood is stagnant, being not easy to discharge.

3. Help to improve sleep

During menstruation, a woman's mood swings from sad to angry, and they fear cold due to changes in her hormonal levels. Because of these factors, they often find it difficult to fall asleep at night. In this regard, it is suggested that at eight or nine in the evening, you can use warm water to soak your feet to relieve the fatigue of the body, so that the body and mind become relaxed, and you can calm the mood, and ultimately improve the quality of sleep.

But doctors warn that when soaking feet, women should be careful about the duration. Generally, your feet can be soaked for 15 minutes or so. Over time the water temperature decreases, so it is easy to make you catch a cold if you still do so.

Warm tips for menstrual nursing:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Because the skin of the vulva is very delicate and fragile, if the hygiene is not in place, it will induce bacteria to appear, and then multiply to form inflammation like pelvic inflammation. While you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get a cure.

2. Regulate the spirit

Some women during menstruation always become particularly nervous, being afraid that menstrual blood will overflow, or worrying about their menstruation problems and so on. Always being so nervous may make them more likely to have dysmenorrhea problems. It is recommended that you take deep breaths during your period to calm yourself down.

3. Follow rules related to menstruation

Females have to follow many rules during the menstruation, such as avoiding cold, intense activities and spicy food. More importantly, they can not have sex during the menstruation, to avoid the bacterial infection. If you can defer to these things, you will be healthier.

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