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Sexy Underwear Looks Good But Not Healthy

Underwear is an everyday item of clothing that women must wear. It is close-fitting, so you should take it seriously when making a choice.


Some women like to wear sexy underwear, such as thongs, lace underwear and so on. Although these panties are very sexy and attractive for women, they are not suitable for regular wearing. Couples can use them a few times occasionally for adding spice. If you wear it every day, it is easy to damage your health.



Notice these potential harms of wearing sexy underwear for too long.


1. Skin allergy


Sexy underwear is more close-fitting than other pants, and in order to improve the close-fitting effect, manufacturers tend to choose chemical fibrous material as the fabric. But the fabric breathability is poor, it wrapping the vulva for a long time will lead to local skin allergy problems, and then incur itching, inflammation and other discomfort. If the woman originally belongs to allergy constitution, do not wear sexy underwear, so as not to induce skin allergy.


2. Infectious diseases


With a view to reflect the sexy shape and create a sense of looming, sexy underwear is often made of relatively thin materials. You should notice that super thin underwear can not protect the vulva, but easy to cause damage. Especially when wearing tight underwear, the friction on the vulva skin will be greater. Once the skin is broken by friction, it will be easy to cause infection with a wound.


The vulva comes into contact with a lot of dirty things every day, such as urine, leucorrhea, feces and so on. These dirty things are easy to breed bacteria. After bacteria come into contact with damaged skin, it will induce infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease, which can be treated by herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.


3. Vascular compression


Sexy panties tend to be tight. Female friends who are dressed in too tight underwear everyday tend to oppress vulva and the blood vessel around anus. This in turn leads to poor blood circulation, which is very easy to induce hemorrhoids for a long time. Hemorrhoids can be very unpleasant, and in severe cases, it can be painful even to sit normally.


What kind of underwear accords with the health standard?


1. Be soft and agreeable.


Your underwear should be soft and agreeable, with the cotton the best material. In truth, cotton material is better in air permeability and water absorption. Wearing cotton underwear, you can keep the vulva a dry state, to inhibit the breeding of bacteria.


2. Be loose and relaxing.


Too tight underwear will be too close to the skin, thereby reducing the permeability of the vulva skin, and thus forming a moist vulva environment. So, in the selection of underwear, a loose and relaxing underwear indicates a healthy wearing style.


3. Be reasonable.


There are many styles of underwear, and there are some very sexy styles on the market. It is recommended not to choose bizarre style. You should look for classic styles like briefs and boxers, which are more comfortable to wear.


How do females use underwear healthily daily?


1. Underwear cannot be worn for a long time. It is better to change it every three months, and the longest duration is half a year.


2. After the underwear is replaced, it should be cleaned in time. It can not be placed for too long, so as not to accumulate a lot of dirty things and induce bacterial breeding.



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