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Cervicitis and Chlamydia Infection

Mrs. Liao      40 years old        2009/9       Doctor        Xiangxi, Hunan Province

She had a excessive purulent vaginal fluid, itch in the vulva, pain in low abdomen, irregular menstruation, frequency urinating, urinate urgency, and pain when urinating for four years. She took a test of pathogen and the result was poritive and she was diagnosed with cervicitis and chlamydia infection. She had taken many kinds of western medicines and non of them cured her. As a result, she came to take my treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. She took Fuyan pill for four months and then she took a test in hospital. She came and told me the result was negative with excite, and she required another months medication to consolidate the effect. She also said that her colleges were very surprised with her recovery, because they all knew that patients who had been infected with chlamydia for four years can hardly be cured. It is Fuyan Pill that have helped her to get rid of the disease.

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