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Testimonial from Mrs Lakshmi (Fuyan Pill Chamydia Testimonial)

" I was suffering from terrible chlamydia infection until I read about Fuyan Pill on Google which interested me. I emailed Lee for some consulting and finally made up my mind to ordere one month supply. I did keep a required as Lee told which was not easy for me at the beginning, luckily I later cut out curry finally. Lee has always been telling me to keep on the diet, and always be helpful on my questions. I had been worrying that the break during menses would affect the treatment but Lee told me that wouldn't, so I did.

Dramatically, the infection which had bothered me for over 4 years was eliminated after three courses with Fuyan Pill. It has been 4 months after that and no recurrence occurs. I'm so happy and now I'm pregnant. With my healthy baby in my body, I really appreciate Lee's help. "


Mr.s Lakshmi from India




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